Replace finger counting, don't try to suppress it! 
Don't try to stop students from finger counting.  By helping them memorize the facts they will come to the point where the answer occurs to them before they finish counting on their fingers!  When they can recall answers to facts before they finish counting their fingers they will NATURALLY replace finger counting with the much faster recall strategy.  That is your goal rather than suppressing the only strategy some students have!  

Customer feedback of the week
Having taught in a public school for thirty three years, this is simply the best program to really teach math facts. Rocket Math is a program that incorporates well into all other math programs.  In less than ten minutes a day, you can truly teach basic facts to your entire class!
--Brenda Firsick, Washington, MO

Dr. Don's Training Tips video clip 
3 minute explanation of the subcription site 
We recently recorded my 3 hour training workshop for Rocket Math.  We have updated the training DVD (see below) as well as sharing bits here.   
I want you to get the best training.  Please take advantage of this coupon to get the new training DVD for only $29.    

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Type in coupon code "TrainUsDVD" 
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Customer question of the week

Kathy asks: I have started using Rocket Math this year and am loving it. I've talked with other teachers at my school and they are interested. We have 13 other teachers here. Do you have a site license fee or would we have to purchase each one separately? Thanks for your help!

Dr. Don answers: 
Hello Kathy,
        Yes, we do now have  the much requested school site subscriptions available. Finally!  These are available today on our website as well as our downloadable price list. 
  • The Small Whole School Site Basic Subscription (item #2301) gives you up to 19 subscriptions for the price of ten ($240). 
  • The Medium Whole School Site Basic Subscription (item #2302) gives you up to 30 subscriptions for the price of twenty ($395).
  • The Large Whole School Site Basic Subscription (item #2303) gives you up to 50 subscriptions for the price of thirty ($588).      
       Some teachers may need to upgrade to the Universal subscription if they need something beyond the basic four operations (add, subtract, multiply, divide). Each "Upgrade from Basic to Universal Subscription" (item #2999) is $20 for the year and can be ordered at the same time or ordered later for the same price. 
We trust you and rely on your honor.  If you previously purchased a lifetime license (or your school did), use this coupon code to access a Rocket Math Basic subscription for only $4 for the year.    

Lifetime License holders take $25

off either subscription (#2000 or #2001) 
Type in coupon code "IhaveaLifetimeLicense" 
Offer Expires 12/24/2015. On-line only, coupon code must be entered: only valid for the items listed above; 1 coupon allowed per  customer
.  Includes Whole School Licenses.  
What's new with Rocket Math?
Teaching Factoring systematically.

The Rocket Math Factors program teaches students a systematic way find all the factors of a given number.
Here's how they find the factors. 
(1) Start with 1 and the number itself because all numbers have themselves and 1 as a pair of factors.
(2) Go on to the number 2.  If the number is even then you know 2 is a factor, so find its partner by dividing if necessary. 
(3) Go on to three.  Say to yourself, "What number times 3 equals 18.?"  You should know that 3 x 6 is 18.  Note:  For a number like 48 you can divide on the side--you find out that 3 divides evenly into 48--16 times.  
(4) Next go on to 4.  Say to yourself, "What number times 4 equals 18?"  Well you know 4 x 4 is 16 and 4 x 5 is 20, so 18 was skipped.  You know that 4 is not a factor of 18, so you cross it out and keep going.
(5) You should know that only numbers that end in 0 or 5 (such as 10, 15, 20, 25, etc.) have 5 as a factor, so you know that 5 is not a factor of 18.
(6)  When you get to six you should notice that 6 is a factor of 18 and that you have already listed it.  When you get to a number you have already listed, then you have found ALL the factors of that number--guaranteed that you did not miss any. 

I have an Educreations online white board lesson that teaches this here

In the Factors program students follow this process every time until they learn the factors.  Because they have been doing them the same way and writing their results the same way every time they come to memorize the factors of these numbers.  Or they are so fast at finding them that it amounts to the same thing.
Factors is part of the Universal subscription and can be seen here.    
Monitor, monitor, monitor.
As Dr. Anita Archer says, aside from teaching, the most important thing a teacher does is monitor students as they are working. This is doubly true during Rocket Math. Far from being a time to sit down while the students are happily engaged in "doing Rocket Math," this is a time when it is imperative that the teacher must be up moving around and listening to the quality of the practice. Walking around the room to see that everyone appears to be on task is the minimum, but really stopping to listen to the students is the gold standard in monitoring. (Me, I have to squat down or bend over to be able to hear clearly.)
During Rocket Math the teacher should be tuning in and listening to pairs of students as they practice to be sure of several things.
Click here to read more
Thank you for your interest in Rocket Math.  I created Rocket Math so we can help your students be more successful, gain confidence and enjoy math more.  Let me know how else I can help.  Feel free to call me with any questions you have or send me an email to [email protected]
Dr. Don
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