Great idea for the doorways of math classrooms! 
If your floor can handle it, what a great way to teach the degrees in angles!

Dr. Don's Training Tips video clip 
How students should do paired practice in Rocket Math 
How students should do paired practice in Rocket Math (5 min.) 
We recently recorded my 3 hour training workshop for Rocket Math.  We have updated the training DVD (see below) as well as sharing bits here.   
I want you to get the best training.  Please take advantage of this coupon to get the new training DVD for only $29.    

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Customer question of the week

Tracy asks: Hope this email finds you doing well. Last year I ordered item #1001 the Rocket Math CD.  I would like to order one more.  I can't find this on the website.  Is this something we are still able to purchase? 

Dr. Don answers: 
Hello Tracy,
        Yes, I am well, thanks.  Hope you're looking forward to this school year.
        We changed our business model on June 1st.  Instead of the $65 to $95 cost for a CD or a download file we are offering a $29 subscription (item #2000) to get the four basic operations.  It is an annual fee.  The subscription access gives you all the same 400 pages, but laid out in an easy-to-see and easy-to-use format. We also improved the pages in 2015, as a number of people let us know that the 2013 black-on-gray format was hard to copy and used a lot of ink. (See the picture above).  All the other programs I have made since including Rocket Writing for Numerals, Factors, Skip Counting, Integers, etc are included for $20 more as item #2001 the Universal subscription for $49), which just happens to be the minimum amount for a purchase order.      
       Thanks for being a Rocket Math user!  Oh, any teacher who has Rocket Math (either their own or their school's lifetime license) is able to purchase the subscription for $25 off by using the coupon code "IhaveaLifetimeLicense" when they order (see below).  That would bring the cost of the basic subscription access down to $4 for someone who already had purchased a lifetime license.
We trust you and rely on your honor.  If you previously purchased a lifetime license (or your school did), use this coupon code to access a Rocket Math Basic subscription for only $4 for the year.    

Lifetime License holders take $25

off either subscription (#2000 or #2001) 
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.  Includes Whole School Licenses.  
What's new with Rocket Math?
Teaching Integers with rules.

The Rocket Math Integers program teaches students a systematic way to solve these difficult problems.
Here's how they practice: Begin by reading the problem.
Step 1
: Determine the starting number, mark it.
Step 2
: Identify which of the four processes is happening in this problem:
Adding a positive, subtracting a positive, subtracting a negative or adding a negative.
Step 3
: The student should say the right rule that applies to the process.
Rule 1: Go up when you add a positive number OR subtract a negative number.
Rule 2: Go down when you subtract a positive OR add a negative number.

Step 4
: Determine whether to go up or down on the number line.
Step 5
: Determine how far and make the bumps from the starting number going in the right direction the right number of bumps.
Finally, the student should look at where he/she ended up on the number line and fill in the answer to the problem.   
How to get parents to help you.
If students practice math facts a couple of times a day throughout the year, they will never forget them! Parents will help you if you give them the tools, which you can easily do with Rocket Math. Start with a letter to parents telling them what you are doing. We have included a two page parent letter from Dr. Don on our subscription website.  We also have a one-page letter in Word that you can edit and make your own. The letter is a good start for parents to know how to practice.
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Thank you for your interest in Rocket Math.  I created Rocket Math so we can help your students be more successful, gain confidence and enjoy math more.  Let me know how else I can help.  Feel free to call me with any questions you have or send me an email to
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