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Dr. Don's Training Tips video clip 
A new intervention idea for Rocket Math
We recently recorded my 3 hour training workshop for Rocket Math.  We have updated the training DVD (see below) as well as sharing bits here.   
Customer question of the week

Becky asks:
"My school is using the Rocket Math program. We are wondering if you would accept reversals on Rocket Math papers? By the way, I love your program."

Dr. Don answers: 
Becky, thanks for your question. Many teachers wonder whether they should accept reversals or backwards numbers, when children are writing out answers to math problems. The answer depends upon the type of reversed numbers. Bet you didn't know there were two distinct types of reversals, did you?  Read more here...
What's new with Rocket Math?
New Skip Counting Flashcards

The best way for students to get ready for multiplication facts is to learn how to skip count. Our new Skip Counting Flashcards can help them do that.  Students learn the skip counting (count-by) series in this order: 10s, 2s, 5s, 9s, 4s, 5s, 25s, 3s, 8s, 7s, and 6s. The series are carefully introduced in an order so students can learn them in small increments to maintain success.
Use these for tutoring, or to make a center for skip counting.

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Add a bonus session for students who don't pass quickly.
In most schools there are a few children who are not making good progress with Rocket Math. They don't pass as quickly at each level. Assuming that students are practicing the way they should with a partner (teachers should monitor this closely), and their writing goals are reasonable (sometimes they become unsustainable), you may be looking at students who need more than the usual amount of practice....Click here to read more
Rocket Math 
Addition App
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Getting grades of 
and  A+ 
from the rigorous Balefire Labs is 
quite an honor!

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Rocket Math
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