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Above you can see the Progress Aimline for 1 semester to complete an operation.  This is available in the basic subscription site, Forms and Information Drawer as an optional form.  Or click here. We also have a Progress Aimline for finishing one operation during a school year.  Also available free on the website here.
Dr. Don's Training Tips video clip
Getting parents involved in Rocket Math
Getting parents involved in Rocket Math
We recently recorded my 3 hour training workshop for Rocket Math.  We have updated the training DVD (see below) as well as sharing bits here.   
Question of the week

Annette asks: Does the app replace the daily paper/pencil tests or just help with the facts at each level? i have been using Rocket Math every year since I attended your two day workshop in San Diego. I think it may have been 12 years ago.

Dr. Don answers:  Annette,  Schools with one-to-one iPads ARE beginning to use the Rocket Math app to replace the daily paper/pencil tests.  The app uses the same sequence, has students repeat levels if they are not both fast and accurate, and it requires mastery before moving on. However, it has the same expectation for everyone, answering within three seconds--or 20 problems in a minute, so it is not as rigorous as the paper and pencil version.  Students are learning the facts, but I don't have any scientific evidence that they know the facts as well as they do with the paper and pencil version.  I think that the app would be a great supplement, but if I were the curriculum director, I would not eliminate the paper-and-pencil version for everyone until I was certain students would be able to retain the facts after learning them on the iPad.
What's new with Rocket Math?
New Training DVD with Dr. Don!

This summer I was filmed doing my updated and improved three hour Rocket Math training. This training is very practical and focused.  Available as a chapterized DVD.  I want you to have it, so I am offering a huge discount from the normal price.
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THIS WEEK: Don't I need to teach doubles and other combinations first?
There is a lot of advice out there that teachers need to introduce different tricks to remembering math facts to help students learn the facts. Things like doubles, or doubles plus ones, or special combinations that add to ten are recommended to be taught to students. Teachers are exhorted to use many different kinds of exercises to teach these different ways of remembering facts. Is that necessary to do before memorizing facts as we do in Rocket Math? The simple answer is, "No, that's not necessary."...Click here to read more
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