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Take up where they left off before the summer!
Don't think students have to start over in Rocket Math.  They have learned the facts so well that with careful review they can take up where they left off!

        There is a way to start off the year on the same set on which students left off at the end of last school year (providing you know where that was).  You do need to do a slightly different procedure at the start of the year, however. 
         Notice on the Set L sheet to the right that only five of the facts on the One-Minute Test are new--the rest are review from the previous sets.  That means that practice around the outside will help with the new facts, but won't review those older facts from previous set.  If you test the students on any set after the summer they might not pass because they need a little review of those older facts. 
       Here's the way to beat the summer forgetting:
For the first week of school have the students add another practice session with the One-Minute Test each day.  Give them the test answer keys, give them 2 to 3 minutes with their partner to orally practice the test problems with the same correction procedure as usual.  Hint: have them take the sheets home and practice with a responsible sibling or a parent as well.  A week to ten days of this extra review of the test problems and they will be successfully passing levels in Rocket Math--starting right from where they left off in June!
Universal Subscription now has Integers!
INTEGERS: Adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers!
To the right you can see the Integers Drawer
which is part of the Universal Rocket Math
subscription.  This difficult pre-algebra skill is broken down into manageable steps. Students use number lines to work through example problems. 
            Working with vertical number lines students learn two rules:
Rule 1: Go up when you add a positive number OR subtract a negative number.
Rule 2: Go down when you subtract a positive number OR add a negative number. 
I am very proud of the exceptional reviews of the new Rocket Math Apps.

  We redesigned these apps to work better in schools and for families.  We created two separate versions: Rocket Math Addition and Rocket Math Multiplication so you could play both at the same time on the same device.  We removed the in-app purchase so schools could purchase through the Apple Volume Purchasing Plan.  They can be purchased once and then "pushed" out to all the devices!!  We added more help and documentation available within the app.  We added Reports which are now available from the device, but have plans to make those reports available on the web with a teacher dashboard.
Most of all we have designed this app so students can LEARN
facts they did not know before and still experience SUCCESS

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