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November 2016 News

This Peoples Deli Pumpkin Pie pic is courtesy of LivingwithTaste blog!

Did someone say
Gluten-Free Pumpkin Pie? Yes, please! Order one from Peoples Deli at least two days in advance and get ready to be the hit of your next feast or gathering!

Below, learn Dr. Becky's Immune Soup recipe, discover CBD oil & hemp uses you never dreamed of, and as the season for giving begins, look for Operation Blue Santa donation boxes coming soon to a Peoples Rx near you!

Awesome new classes and events are to your right!

Happy, Healthy November! 
~ Your Friends at Peoples 

Move Your Fascia for Pain Relief & Strength
When a friend invited me to her Pilates class, it completely changed my mindset. I decided to study the Pilates method so I could share this amazing method with the world!
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 Ask an ND: Cold/Flu/Allergy Immunity
Ragweed and mold have been at a record high, and cold and flu season is approaching. 
Here's what you can do to make sure you don't suffer!
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So What Exactly IS CBD Oil?
Hemp CBD Oil has been making a splash in news headlines lately, especially around Texas. So what exactly is CBD oil and why are people talking about it? An expert helps break it down.
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