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August 2016 News

Back to school means that it's time to stock up on vitamins and supplements! 

This month, all kids Gummy Vitamins by Nordic Naturals are on sale! While you're here, stock up on healthful paleo and gluten-free snacks at any of our locations! And stay fueled with a low-acidic, organic, cold-brew iced coffee for just $2.75 at any Peoples Deli!

Below, Amy Nelson, ND shares how school lunches can contribute to ADHD in children; new, local LadyBird Provisions debuts their delicious paleo coffee bombs; and not all vaginal infections are yeast-related - find out other causes and natural remedies, too!

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Happy, Healthy August! 

~ Your Friends at Peoples 

Focusing on School Lunches and ADHD 
Heading back to school often means heading back to the school lunch program, which could be contributing to the nutritional causes of ADHD. 
Learn what foods to avoid to help your child stay focused! 
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New Coffee Bombs Make Nutrition Easy
As a nutritionist, trying to get people eat healthfully is one of my biggest struggles. The easier it is for people to have a healthy diet, the more likely they are to do it. With these, my job just got a little easier!
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Vaginal Infections: Not All Created Equal
Vaginal infections are a common cause of discomfort, and are often mistaken as yeast infections. 
Find out what they could be instead and consider these natural treatment options!
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