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Know a great Dad? Show him you care about his health with a gift from Peoples Rx! 

From local grass-fed Betsy Ross Farm steaks and beef to Black Hatchett Charcoal Soap in an array of lumberjack scents, and all the protein powders and supplements anyone could ever want, we've got Dad's happiness covered!

Below, local EWG top-rated natural skin care line Farm to Girl makes you glow and helps women in Africa attend school! Also, an acupuncturist shares how to beat the heat with cooling foods and herbs and an herbalist explores, "Do you really need to detox?" Find out below!

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Happy, Healthy June! 

~ Your Friends at Peoples 

The Girl Behind Farm To Girl's Skincare Line
While working in the Solomon Islands, I developed a rash that wouldn't go away. When nothing I tried helped, I turned to the plants around me...
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Boost Energy and Beat the Heat! 
As temperatures climb, it is not uncommon to feel more fatigued and less motivated. Here are ways to naturally offset the heat and lethargy so you can enjoy all that summer has to offer! 
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The Truth About Detoxification
Cleansing can be a wonderful way to begin and encourage your healing process. But context is everything! Here's the scoop on detoxing...
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