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Who cares about your health more than Mom? Show her you care about hers with a gift from Peoples Rx! From therapeutic-grade essential oils to chocolate-covered organic strawberries (single, dozen or half-dozen) and gluten-free Flourless Chocolate Cake, we've got Mom's health and happiness covered!

Spring is the perfect time to cleanse! This month, get one smoothie free when you order the Peoples 3-Day Seasonal Cleanse!

May is also Mental Health Month. Below, learn about natural approaches to anxiety and depression. Does your period make you feel awful? There's no need to suffer! Get the tips and remedies for getting your cycle on track. Then, learn about the plant medicine Gemmotherapy and how it can help with acute illness. 

To your right, check out our upcoming classes!

Happy, Healthy May! 

~ Your Friends at Peoples 

Anxiety+Depression: A Mind-Body Approach
It's no surprise that emotional wellbeing and mental health are closely linked with physical health! Check out these holistic approaches to anxiety and depression. 
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How to Support Your Menstrual Cycle
As women, we are gifted the opportunity to have a natural cycle and flow. Here are some remedies, tips and tricks to conquering the pain of a period.

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Let's Talk About Gemmotherapy 
Gemmotherapy is the youngest botanical medicine from Europe as well as the first of its kind to have the ability to both clean and restore organ tissue. Here's how to use it...
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Community Events We're Sponsoring! 
We love supporting our community! Come say hi to us at our booth at each of the events listed below! Try some free samples of organic cold-pressed juice and baked goods!
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Gaia Herbs Daily Wellbeing for Women 
Gaia Herbs Daily Wellbeing for Men
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