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December 2015 News

What greater gift is there than the gift of health? This year, help keep Austin's music scene alive and well AND give the gift of health by purchasing a Peoples $25 Gift Card! For each one purchased, we'll donate $5 to HAAM (Health Alliance for Austin Musicians) and help Austin's low-income, working musicians access affordable healthcare!

Below, we'd like to gift you with tips for happier holidays through our VIDEO interview with naturopath, Dr. Julia* sharing about the gut-brain-mood connection. Plus, Dr. Becky* tells us how to combat seasonal depression and more!

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Happy, Healthy December! 
~ Your Friends at Peoples 
Peoples Corner: The Gut-Brain Connection 
VIDEO: We talk with Julia Strickler, ND* about probiotics, and why digestive health is so important for lifting your mood! 
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On Our Radar Right Now...
CONSUMED, the thriller about GMO's 
comes to Austin; doctors want to remove drug ads from TV; the DARK ACT could go through this month; San Marcos ditches fluoride...
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How to Avoid Seasonal Depression
Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a common occurrence during the darker winter months. 
As many as 20 percent of people may experience some degree of low mood in the winter...
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