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August 2015 News

With back-to-school season upon us, count on Peoples for all your nutritional supplies, including Nordic Naturals fish oils for children at 20% off this month. For immunity, try one of our favorite kids' multis Smarty Pants gummies with Vitamin D, Omega 3's and no added sugar. We can even help with natural, effective solutions for first day jitters, sleep issues and stress!

get the scoop on GMO labeling and homeopathy in the news, plus tips on naturally avoiding 
sun damage and bug bites. And let Peoples Deli keep you cool and nourished with our sublime Tropical Hydrator smoothie! Mango, coconut water, dried toasted coconut, Dr. Bronner's organic coconut oil, lime juice and cayenne...Yum!

Happy & Healthy August! 

- Your Friends at Peoples 

When grassroots organizations nickname a piece of legislation something like the "DARK Act" (a clever acronym for Deny Americans the Right to Know), it's never a good sign. Here's what you need to know about the most recent GMO labeling bill...
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You asked and we listened! 

Our staff worked diligently, researching to bring you products that work for keeping mosquitoes and other bugs away from your favorite people and animals. Here's what we found...



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The media is abuzz now that the FDA is re-evaluating its regulation of homeopathic medicine. Should we be skeptical of the FDA's reported findings? Our homeopath sheds light on why this kind of medicine can't be evaluated by mainstream methods.
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This is not just your everyday "how to avoid skin cancer and wrinkles" article, y'all. It's everything you didn't know about prevention and treatment, from trace minerals and Fruit Anthocyanins to mustard and vinegar!


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