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July 2015 News

July will turn up the heat and bugs in Austin! Stop in and cool off with our Pharm Fresh cold-pressed organic juice! And to keep your skin safe and the bugs away, try one of Peoples' natural sunscreens and bug repellents! Or of course you can just escape into the air-conditioning and check out some of the awesome events we've cooked up for you! → → 

Our July newsletter covers natural remedies for summer and travel, the benefits of eating fat, 3 natural ways to whiten your teeth, special offers and more! Have a happy, healthy 4th!

~ Your Friends at Peoples 

FAT is NOT the Enemy
There is a tremendous amount of food mythology that exists in modern society, and Peoples is on a mission to myth-bust! One myth is the shockingly common misconception that if something is "fat-free" it must be healthy. This myth stops today!

 Three Ways to Whiten Teeth Naturally
Teeth whitening is one of the most cost-effective ways you can take years off your appearance! In recent years, as consumers strive for perfection and youth, it's become a billion dollar business. However, bleaching your teeth with harsh chemicals sold over-the-counter can be harmful to your health and the teeth themselves. 
Could YOU be Low on Testosterone?

In the past, people have assumed that testosterone was a "male-only" hormone, but not so. It's important for both genders, and as we grow older it has a tendency to drop. So what symptoms are common for Low T? And what can you do about it if you suspect you may have a hormone imbalance?  

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Natural Remedies for Summer
Summertime, and the living is . . . itchy, sneezy, bruised and sleepless?

Master Homeopath Dawn Welch has solutions for summer's irritations! Easy to pack, simple to use, safe and effective for every family member, homeopathic remedies are a must in every suitcase to make the most of your fun in the sun. 

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Gluten-Free/Dairy-Free Easily

Mon., July 6th, 6pm


The Essential Self Care Tool Box

Tues., July 7th, 7pm


The Healing Power of PEMF Therapy

Thur., July 16th, 

6:30 pm


All You Didn't Want to Know About Irritable Bowel

Mon., July 20th, 7pm


Brain Health-The Aging Brain

Mon., July 27th, 7pm


Natural Solutions for Dyselxia

Fri., July 31st, 7pm 



Sat., July 11th, 2-5pm

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