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                      April 2015

Our plan this month is to cleanse, clear & renew - a little spring cleaning, as they say. If you're planning the same, you'll love this month at Peoples where we're introducing some refreshing, nutritious foods for those warm spring days including the Spinach, Strawberry & Goat Cheese Salad and the Green Summer cold-pressed organic juice! And speaking of juice, take advantage of 20% OFF Probulin probiotics as part of our 3-Day Seasonal Cleanse this month only! Letting go has never been more delicious. :)
Micro-Living with a Twist of Green

Want a garden but live in a small space? No sweat! Urban organic gardening in containers is a breeze. Once you've determined a garden site, it can be easy to freshen up your abode! Learn the secrets to choosing appropriate crops, containers, soil and even watering and fertilizer requirements! 


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What's Increasing Autism Diagnoses?

In 2000 it was estimated that 1 in 150 children fell within the autistic spectrum in the US. In 2014 the CDC released a statement claiming autism had increased by approximately 119.4% since 2000. Currently 1 in every 68 births will be diagnosed with ADS (autistic spectrum disorder). Why the sudden increase in ASD? 

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Pain Pills In Your Moisturizer?

Topical pain gels have been increasing both in availability and popularity over the past several years. Many medications prescribed orally for pain, muscle spasms and nerve issues can often cause significant adverse effects. For some patients, these adverse effects can limit how they use their medications. Thankfully, that's where compounding can help!

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How to Calm an Angry Gut

If you don't struggle with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (commonly referred to as IBS), you probably know someone who does. It's a condition that many people struggle with and, despite the number of medications that can be taken for this condition, did you also know that there's plenty of natural strategies that can be used instead?

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Upcoming Events

At Peoples South:


Food Allergies: The Hidden Epidemic

Apr. 13th, Mon. 7pm


Essential Oils 101

Apr. 14th, Tue. 7pm 


Lyme Disease Support Group

Apr. 18th, Sat. 11am


Positive Parenting Workshop for Sensory Integration & Spectrum Disorders

Apr. 25th, Sat. 10:30am


Essential Oils 101

Apr. 28th, Tue. 7pm 


Mindful Meditation

Wednesdays at 7pm


At Peoples Wellness Center (North):


Anti-Candida & Paleo Diet

Apr. 6th, Mon. 6pm


Egoscue: Natural Pain Relief

Apr. 6th, Mon. 7pm


Enhance Your Energy

Apr. 14th, Tue. 7pm


Introduction to Pilates & Core Stability

Apr. 16th, Thu. 7pm


Allergies & Oriental Medicine

Apr. 20th, Mon. 7pm


Transcending Trauma, Loss and Grief
Apr. 27th, Mon. 7pm 


Practical Homeopathy

Apr. 28th, Tue. 7pm


Community Events:


7th Annual Funky Chicken Coop Tour
Apr. 4th, Sat. 10am

Give Autism a Chance Summit 2015
Apr. 18th, Sat. 7am 


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