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                      January 2015

Happy New Year to you and your family! This is your friendly reminder that we're here for you whenever you need expert advice on natural allergy solutions or cold and flu! ;) Also, here's your official invitation to join us this month in getting back on track "post-holiday indulgences" with our easy, delicious 3-Day Seasonal Cleanse featuring cold-pressed organic juices and savory broth. See our exclusive offer below--valid this month only!

We're also back on the seminar wagon, offering free, weekly talks at various locations on cutting-edge health topics. Cheers to a happy, healthy and empowered 2015!
Ask the ND: The Antidepressant Trap

It goes without saying that there is a time and a place for antidepressants and an appropriate use for them. But how do you know when an antidepressant is right for you? What can be done naturally before resorting to medication? Dr. Neuzil discusses antidepressants, including the dark side of the top-selling drugs in the US.

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Upcoming Events

At Peoples South:


Lyme Disease Support Group

Jan. 17th, Sat. 11am


At Peoples Wellness Center (North):


Detox Simplified: Out With The Old, In With The New

Jan. 20th, Tue. 6pm


Everything You (Never) Wanted to Know about Irritable Bowel Syndrome [IBS]

Jan. 20th, Tue. 7pm


Brain Health: The Aging Brain

Jan. 26th, Mon. 7pm



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