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September 2014
The kids have gone back to school and now it's time to focus on YOU! Our September newsletter has plenty of suggestions to make it easy, including breakthrough tips to reduce joint inflammation, savory treats like our Sid Monster peanut butter & kale smoothie (see photo at right!), 20% OFF natural teeth whitening, special events and more! So go ahead and pamper yourself this month. You deserve it!

"Joy in one's heart and a smile on one's lips is a sign that the person down deep has a pretty good grasp on life." - Hugh Sidey

SophytoPRO® Saved My Daughter's Skin!
As a naturopathic doctor*, a registered nurse and the mother of a teenage daughter, I know a thing or two about proper skin care. However, when my daughter began experiencing severe skin symptoms, I was at a loss. This is how Orthomolecular's SophytoPRO® saved my daughter's skin and her self-esteem!
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New Deli Delights to Fit Any Diet!

This back-to-school season our delis bring you convenient, wholesome meals that take the stress out of nourishing your family as you stride into the new school year! Check out some delicious offerings including a hearty Veggie sandwich and more!

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Breakthrough Tips for Healthy Joints

There are foods that promote inflammation in the body, and then there are foods that supply nutrients that support your body's management of inflammation. While this may seem like a tricky balance, the truth is simple! Here's some little-known tips to managing inflammation and supporting joints!


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Why You Need Mineral Salt (Not Table Salt)
Salt is one of the oldest currencies on earth and contains most, if not all, of our bodies' essential minerals. But did you know that not all salt is created equal? Click to learn more about the history of salt, why our body needs quality salt and how to pick the best one for you and your family!
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How Yoga Therapy Differs from Yoga

The science of Yoga has been used to enhance physical and emotional balance. When yoga is practiced with therapeutic intention, it is known as 'Yoga Therapy." Yoga Therapy is practiced to manage or facilitate healing by infusing postures, breathing exercises, meditation, relaxation techniques and more!  

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25% OFF
New Chapter
Savings may not be combined with any other discount program. Offer valid at all locations. Printed coupon not necessary. 
Offer valid through September 30th, 2014.

20% OFF
Essential Oxygen
Brushing Rinse (all sizes) & Food Grade 3%
Hydrogen Peroxide
Savings may not be combined with any other discount program. Offer valid at all locations. Printed coupon not necessary. 
Offer valid through September 30th, 2014.
Pictured: Anna at Peoples South enjoying the new Sid Monster smoothie!
Upcoming Events

At Peoples South:


Take Care of Your Eyes: Relaxation of the Visual System

Sep. 4th, Thu. 7pm


Is Your Medicine Making You Sick?

Sep. 9th, Tue. 7pm


How to Tame the Madness of Mold Allergies

Sep. 10th, Wed. 7pm


Lyme Disease Support Group

Sep. 20th, Sat. 11am


Healthy Back Class: Utilizing Yoga Therapy

Sep. 23rd, Tue. 7pm


Mindful Meditation

Wednesdays at 8pm



At Peoples Wellness Center (Central):


You Should Judge a Food by Its Color!

Sep. 11th, Thu. 7pm

At Peoples Wellness Center (North):


The Trouble of Thyroid

Sep. 2nd, Tue. 7pm


Gluten-Free/Dairy-Free Easily

Sep. 8th, Mon. 6pm


Biologic Dentistry: How Your Mouth Affects Your Health

Sep. 8th, Mon. 7pm


Zyto™: Interpretation of Your Bio-Electric Field

Sep. 16th, Tue. 7pm


Intelligent Sleep System

Sep. 22nd, Mon. 7pm


The Secret to Controlling Diabetes Naturally

Sep. 30th, Tue. 7pm 



Community Events:


"Where Have All the Storks Gone?" Book Launch Party

Sept. 3rd, Wed. 7pm


Well Conference for Workplace Transformation

Sept. 16th, Tues. 8:30am


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