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July 2014
This summer at Peoples we've been taking advantage of the great outdoors, packing Nick's Sticks nitrate-free jerky for the trail, slathering up with award-winning All Terrain 
sunscreens and bug repellants when needed, and soothing our tired muscles with magnesium! We've also been keeping cool and detoxing too with our refreshing Pharm
Fresh Spicy Carrot
organic, cold-pressed juice! Read on for more great tips and come see us for all of this and much more to keep you cool and ready for the fireworks! Have a happy 4th of July!

"What we change inwardly will
change outer reality
." - Plutarch


Holiday Hours: 9-5 on Friday, July 4th

Both of our Wellness Centers will be closed


Learn Your Trigger Foods, Get "Food Fit!"
Food is a potent source of healing and thriving. It can also be our ultimate saboteur, leading to weight gain, low energy and more. Introducing our new partnership with The LoveLife Program - a revolutionary method that helps you determine what foods work best with your unique constitution!                                                                    
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Ask the ND: The Best Magnesium for You

Magnesium is the 4th most abundant mineral on earth and yet, the most-depleted mineral in humans. Why is that? In this edition of Ask the ND, Amy Neuzil gives the rundown on this amazing mineral including how it can encourage relaxation, support heart health and what the best form of magnesium is for YOU!


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Energy, Vitality, Performance After 40
Did you know that after 40, our bodies' natural production of nitric oxide (N-O) begins to decrease? This can cause poor circulation, imbalanced triglyceride levels, sexual dysfunction and an overall decrease in energy. Click to learn how Neo40 can help! 
                                          Read more 
Favorite Summer Survival Tips!
With longer days of sunshine and plentiful outdoor activities, summer can be an invigorating time of year, especially in Austin. We all want to take advantage of these few months of fun, yet it's easy to get overheated, sunburned, bug-bitten and just plain worn out. Here's some simple tips and product favorites to help you breeze through the heat and conquer summer like a pro!
                                          Read more 
Welcome Back, Kaya Dupuis!
Peoples is excited to welcome back Kaya Dupuis, CH from maternity leave! Kaya is one of our senior clinical homeopaths who specializes in natural medicine for infants and toddlers, brain chemistry/hormone-balancing, women's health and more! 
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The Perfect Snack for Outdoor Adventures
When heading out on an outdoor excursion this summer, be sure to pack some nutritious snacks to keep you fueled up and ready for adventure! While you may be tempted to grab any old nitrite-loaded beef jerky, why not opt for a clean, antibiotic- and MSG-free snack like Nick's Sticks?                                            
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GastroZyme for Effective GI Comfort
It is estimated that over 80 million Americans are affected by various forms of digestive diseases. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the related health care cost is estimated at over $107 billion. Find out how digestive health can be improved with simple, natural ingredients!                                                                          
                                         Read more 

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Gaia Herbs
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Offer valid through September 30th, 2014.
Pictured: Sharmin Rashid with Moru Foods sampling her delicious Spicy Carrot Relish, available now at Peoples!
Upcoming Events

At Peoples South:


Mindful Meditation: A Distinctive Method to Handle Emotions

Wednesdays at 8pm 


Fertility Challenges 

July 9th, Wed. 7pm


ADHD Meet-Up with The Life Empowerment Center

July 24th, Thu. 6:30pm


Beauty Does Lie: The Untold Stories of Autoimmune Diseases
July 9th, Wed. 7pm 

At Peoples Wellness Center (North):


Gluten-Free/Dairy-Free Easily

July 14th, Mon. 6pm


Building and Improving Relationships

July 14th, Mon. 7pm


Stretching for Life and Vitality

July 21st, Mon. 7pm


Naturally Beat Heart Disease, Cholesterol and Blood Pressure 

July 29th, Tue. 7pm

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