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June 2014
With summer in Austin now in full swing and outdoor activities aplenty, remember to make Peoples your summer go-to with our EWG top-rated, chemical-free sunscreens and insect repellants, refreshing smoothies like the mango-coconut Tropical Hydrator, and our breakthrough antibacterial skin product, RegeneSkin for healing and soothing. It's always smart to be prepared for scrapes and bruises, especially if you frequent the Greenbelt as much as we do! Enjoy the start of summer and have a Happy Father's Day!

"The purpose of education is to replace an empty
mind with an open one." 
- Malcom Forbes


The "Super-Oil" You May Need to Try!
You might have heard about MCT oil for it's weight loss-related benefits, but did you know that it can also boost energy, strengthen the immune system and much more? Here is your complete guide to the amazing MCT oil - a must-have product this summer!
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Easy, Glowing Daily Detox

How would you like to look and feel more energized, have better skin, improved digestion and more? The secret is in detoxification, but the good news is that you don't have to drink juices all day or take a bunch of pills! In fact, detoxification can be a simple and painless experience by incorporating just a few techniques!


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Why Bacon is Dogs Too!
Peoples Compounding department is happy to announce the addition of bacon to our pet-friendly compound flavors! We all know the aroma and taste of bacon is irresistible to humans and furry friends alike, but did you know there's actually some science behind it? 
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Appreciating Dad This Father's Day
In honor of Father's Day and fathers around the world, Blake Gordon, ND* encourages us all to reflect on the positive ways our fathers have impacted our lives. She also explains how The 5 Love Languages may hold the key to the best Father's Day gift you could give this year!

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Introducing Casey Patton & Tava Buckner!
Welcome the two newest members to our Westlake Wellness team, Casey Patton & Tava Buckner! Casey and Tava bring a wealth of knowledge, big smiles and a lot of love to the team. Click to learn more about them!
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Tips for a Heart-Healthy Summer
With June serving as the official month for Men's Health, it's a good time for both men and women to evaluate cardiovascular health and strengthen the heart. Wellness Specialist Casey Patton breaks down natural heart support in simple, easy-to-follow recommendations that any age can benefit from!              
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LypoZyme: Powerhouse Fat Digestion
We all know that we should be increasing the good fats in our diet and reducing the bad, but sometimes even the good fats can be difficult to digest, let alone absorb. Introducing LypoZyme, a powerful digestive enzyme formula that aids digestion and absorption of fats, starches and more!

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Pictured: Owner Bill Swail and 9-year old BeeSweet Lemonade founder Mikaila Ulmer on Lemonade Day Austin 2014.
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Free Dyslexia Screenings

June 14th, Sat. 2pm


Mindful Meditation: A Distinctive Method to Handle Emotions

June 25th, Wed. 8pm


ADHD Meet-Up with The Life Empowerment Center

June 26th, Thu. 6:30pm


At Peoples Wellness Center (North):


Oriental Medicine & Women's Health

June 9th, Mon. 7pm


The Trouble of Thyroid

June 16th, Mon. 7pm


Ergonomics for Pain Relief

June 23rd, Mon. 7pm


Natural Babies & Toddlers Roundtable: Prenatal to 6 Months

June 30th, Mon. 7pm


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How to Read Food Labels

June 12th, Thu. 7pm


Edible Austin's Sipping Social
June 21st, Sat. 7pm
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