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Back to School!
August 2013
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The last days of summer are approaching and it's time to go back to school, but never fear - Peoples has you covered! From immune-boosting powerhouses like Gaia Herbs' Black Elderberry Syrup to athletes' best friend for recovery, Transformation Enzymes' Protease, your return to school (or shift to fall) is sure to be a happy and healthy one. Be sure to also stop by our South Lamar location next Friday, August 9th for a special EPIC Bar demo where you can try their delicious products. Happy August, everyone!

"All our dreams can come true if we have
the courage to pursue them."  

~ Walt Disney


Delicious Lunches for Back-to-School

 Back to school is right around the corner  and that means back to packing lunches for  the kiddos. We've got some lunchbox  inspiration that will make you jump for joy.  Along with new shoes and a backpack, start  this year off with some of these fun ideas  for quick, healthy lunches.                                                                  Read more 


Transformation's Protease for Recovery
Summer is a great time for outdoor activities and staying active with sports and swimming. However, muscle fatigue and injuries can sometimes occur and no one wants to be stuck on the sidelines. Learn how Transformation Enzymes' Protease can help - naturally!                                                                              Read more →
Ask the ND: Simple Medicine Chest for Pets
We all know that the dogs, cats and other furry family members are just that: family. We want to keep them happy and healthy naturally, just like the rest of the family. Here are some natural ideas for common issues that you can use to make sure your fur babies are feeling their absolute best!                                            Read more →
EPIC Bars for Epic Health

What if there was a whole-food snack that was high in nutrients and low in sugar, just like our ancestors ate? Wouldn't that be epic? Introducing EPIC Bars - a local, grass-fed meat alternative to your average protein bar that is as delicious as it is nutritious. Learn more about our upcoming demo!                             

     Read more 


What To Know About Cell Phone Radiation

For some time now, rumors regarding the link between our cell phones and the risk of cancer have been abound. With so many articles on the subject, opinion is greatly conflicted. So, what are the facts and what can we do about it?                            

                                        Read more 

Promescent for Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a problem that affects nearly 25-30% of men globally. With the development of FDA-approved breakthrough product Promescent, help is available!                            

                                        Read more →

15% OFF
 Transformation Enzymes Digest
Savings may not be combined with any other discount program. 
Offer valid at all locations. Printed coupon not necessary. 
Offer valid through August 31st, 2013
Upcoming Events



Take Care of Your Eyes: Better Vision for Children

Aug. 10th, Sat. 10am 


Heartworks Yoga Therapy
Aug. 12th Mon. 7pm

Take Care of Your Eyes: Relaxation of the Visual System

Aug. 13th, Tue. 7pm

Creating The Happiness Habit
Aug. 19th, 26th, Sept. 2nd & 9th, Mondays at 7pm

Immunity for Back-to-School
Aug. 20th, Tues. 7pm

Combatting Musculoskeletal Inflammation: A Holistic Approach
Aug. 27th, Tues. 7pm

At Peoples Wellness Center (at Lakeline):


Gluten-Free/Dairy-Free Easily

Aug. 5th, Mon. 6pm


Take Care of Your Eyes: Natural Vision Improvement

Aug. 5th, Mon. 7pm


Immune Support feat. Standard Process

Aug. 8th, Thur. 6:30pm


Food Allergies: The Hidden Epidemic

Aug. 13th, Tues. 7pm


Anti-Candida & Paleo Diet

Aug. 19th, Mon. 6pm


A Good Night's Sleep Naturally

Aug. 19th, Mon. 7pm


Brain Health: The Aging Brain

Aug. 27th, Tues. 7pm


Dirty Electricity: A Talk with Laura Pressley on Smart Meters
Aug. 2nd, Fri. 7pm

Golden Hat Walk for Autism
Aug. 17th, Sat. 8:30am-12:30pm

ADHD Meetup with The Life Empowerment Center
Aug. 22nd, Thur. 6:30pm

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