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Happy Spring!
May 2013
Dear (Contact First Name),
We are happy to finally announce the launch of our new and improved website! Visit to discover an all-new blog, tools for managing prescriptions, and much more! Also, this month marks the start of our new 3-Day Seasonal Cleanse, designed by Julia Strickler, ND* and featuring our deliciously nutritious cold-pressed juices! 

"In the spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours."  

~Mark Twain

Fighting Osteoporosis

As we age, we know that we need to strengthen our bones. But how important are all of those calcium supplements and vitamins that claim to assist in fighting osteoporosis?                                                  

                                             Read more 

Better Bites Bakery's Gluten-Free Success

Necessity is the mother of invention. The need to solve a problem drives many of us to act. When the problem affects the ones we love, there is an innate drive to act now and without question. But what do you do when the foods we eat are the problem?                                               Read more 

Age: You Can't Live Without It

Radhia Gleis, PhD, Med, CCN shares a few tips on how to combat aging, support your joints and keep inflammation at bay so that you can continue enjoying your greatest passions.                                                                                            Read more  

Ask the ND: Bone Building
Looking to build bones? You just need some calcium, right? Correct, but that's not all. We've all heard that you need calcium and vitamin D to build strong bones. But did you know that magnesium and manganese are also needed for proper bone mineralization?   
                                           Read more →
The Fitness-Age Connection
When you see photos of 60 or 70 year olds who look impossibly fit, don't you wonder how they do it? The answer is not as complex as it may seem.                                                                                           
     Read more →
Compounding with Polaxamer Gel

One of the best things about compounding medication is the ability to create unique dosage forms. We compound dosage forms that deliver medication directly to its final destination. But what about for our pets?

      Read more →
Health in the News
In this edition of Health in the News, updates on the anticoagulation drug Pradaxa, the FDA lowers minimum purchase age for Plan B, and medical breakthroughs regarding brain cells and regeneration.                                                                                     Read more →
Upcoming Events


Seasonal Cleanse Lunch & Learns
Tuesdays in May, 12:15pm-12:45pm

Laughter is the Best Medicine
May 7th, Tues. 7pm

Foundations of Ayurvedic Healing
May 14th, Tues. 7pm

Whole Food Supplementation
May 21st, Tues. 7pm

Combatting Inflammation: A Holistic Approach
May 28th, Tues. 7pm

Introduction to Flower Essences
June 4th, Tues. 7pm

At Peoples Lakeline:


Brain Health: The Aging Brain

May 7th, Tues. 7pm


Healing through Meditation & Relaxation

May 13th, Tues. 7pm


Food Allergies: The Hidden Epidemic

May 21st, Tues. 7pm


Stand Tall Against Osteoporosis

May 28th, Tues. 7pm

The Center for Natural Living Lauch Party
@ Irie Bean Coffe House
May 4th, 5-8pm
"Give Autism A Chance" Dinner
@ River Place Country Club
May 18th, Sat. 6pm 
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