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Happy Spring!
March 2013
Dear (Contact First Name),
Hope you're enjoying this rainy start to SXSW and Spring Break week! Love eating healthy and discovering new and unique dining experiences? Peoples is excited to be a partner of the new Alta's Cafe on the trail at Waller Creek Boathouse on Ladybird Lake. (Open SXSW week only; re-opening later this spring.) Find our yummy gluten-free pastries there, and also at Summermoon Coffeehouse!

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."  


Get Your Greens with Vitamineral Green

As we focus in on National Nutrition Month, we hope to bring consciousness to our eating habits and what we are truly feeding our bodies. Ideally, we would all have diets rich in a variety of vegetables. However, the reality for many people falls short of that mark for many reasons: time, money, palatability, etc. Thankfully, we have products like Vitamineral Green by Healthforce Nutritionals...

                                                                                 Read more  

Importance of Micronutrient Testing
An article in Journal of the American Medical Association highlights the importance of optimal nutritional status. The article continues to define sub-optimal levels of a vitamin as "those associated with abnormalities of metabolism that can be corrected by supplementation with that vitamin." So how do you know which vitamins you need to supplement to prevent risk factors for chronic disease?                                                                             Read more →
Paleo Cooking Made Easy
Practical Paleo
Looking for a paleo cookbook that takes the guesswork and the ingredient-hunting out of the equation? Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo is jam-packed with over 120 easy recipes that are surprisingly delicious and simple to make.                            
                                             Read more →
Kaya's Kale Salad Recipe
Peoples' own Clinical Homeopath Kaya Depuis' nutrient-rich and irresistible salad is guaranteed to increase circulation and kick up your nitric oxide levels! Don't believe us? Try the salad, then stop in to test your levels with a NEO40 test strip!
                                         Read more →
See A Difference
Tibetan Eye Chart

If someone told you to increase your strength, one of the most popular responses would be to enroll in a gym membership. What if there was something equivalent to a gym without the enormous monthly fee, but for your eyes?                                                                                                                     Read more  

Upcoming Events
Kim Teaching Seminar

The Trouble with Thyroid
Mar. 12th Tues. 7pm

Free Intro to iRest Yoga Nidra 
Mar. 13th Wed. 7pm
(Class series begins Mar. 20th)

Lyme Support Group
Mar. 16th, 11 am

Cleansing the Liver & Gallbladder
Mar. 19th Tues. 7pm

Suppressed Emotions & Symptoms
Mar. 21st Thurs. 7pm

Digestion & Healthy Elimination
Mar. 26th Tues. 7pm

At Peoples Lakeline:


Fermented Foods
Mar. 11th Mon. 6pm

The Trouble of Thyroid
Mar. 11th Mon. 7pm

Laughter is the Best Medicine
Mar. 18th Mon. 7pm

Weight Loss for Non-Dummies
Mar. 25th Mon. 7pm

Special Event in Wimberley: 
Pure Transformation Retreat
April 5th-7th
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