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Summer, 2014
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The Client Testimonial of the Season 

"Everyone involved takes pride in their work and are knowledgeable about their profession.  Their communication with the homeowner is outstanding."
                 - Linda F.  
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HolidayPaintingWant Painting Done for the Holidays?  Now Is a Good Time to Schedule your Project.



You might think that now is too early to book the painting you are looking to have done before the Holidays.  Because of the unusually cold and wet Spring and early Summer, our exterior painting season was very substantially delayed.  It means that we will be working on our exterior projects as late as possible in October, which will only leave a few weeks for the Pre-Holidays projects.  To ensure the completion of those projects on a timely basis, now is time to get the wheels in motion.  

Call on us NOW! 

TheNewsThe News

Children Creating a Mural on Virtues


As a thank you for our blessings, we participate in at least one community project every year.  This year's event is special in that it involves working with children in creating a unique piece of art that are expressive of their views on life. The mural project was conceived by our company as a raffle item at a large gala held earlier this year as a fundraising event for Science & Arts Academy of Des Plaines, Illinois. The mom who won the raffle passed up an $8,500 Rolex to get the mural project for her daughter and her best friend. That was some inspired mom, with a clear sense of her "True North"!  Learn more.




The Coolest Projects

LincrustaUsing Glazes to Accentuate the Beauty of Lincrusta Wallcoverings


Lincrusta is a heavily embossed wallcovering, which was launched in England in 1877. It was invented by Frederick Walton, also the inventor of Linoleum. Since that time, Lincrusta has found its way into some of the finer homes all over the world. Today, it is often used in historical restoration projects, or to add a "period" charm to vintage homes. It is intended to be painted and can be glazed to further highlight Lincrusta's designs.  See how we decorated four areas of a house in Chicago using glazes to accentuate the beauty of the patterns.  Learn More.


GarageDoorRestoring an Antique Doug Fir Garage Door in Oak Park


This Spring, we were tasked with restoring an antique Doug Fir garage door in Oak Park that had not been attended to in decades.  This is how it looked before its restoration by our team.  For the "after" picture and the rest of the story, click here.



QuestionsYour Questions Answered!


Can I Just Paint the Spindles of my Staircase to Lighten the Look of my Foyer?


This is generally not a "guy " question, but frustration is sometime expressed about "all that oak wood all over the place".  The question then come up on how we could "lighten up the look".  To learn more on what we did for this client and to see the "after" picture, please click here.



Please send me your question(s) via my e-mail at mario@paintpartner.com.     
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