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Spring, 2013
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The Client Testimonial of the Season 

"Painting in Partnership are true old-world craftsmen, the kind I remember growing up in
Germany. They meticulously prepare the surface before they paint. They actually spend more time preparing the surface before than applying any paint. The result is a flawless job that lasts."

       - Ingrid Dubberke    

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Looking for Early Signs of Paint Failure  

Saves Money!


House painting is commonly looked upon as a once-in-many-years event, which often translates as follows: wait until everything looks bad and then do it over. There is a better and cheaper way!

The problem with this conventional approach is that, by the time your house looks like it really needs a paint job, other serious problems may have developed that will require expensive carpentry repairs, the replacement of windows or doors and, sometime, the repair of interior damage caused by an exterior issue. Click here for more detail.

TheNewsThe News

PIP Now Has a Presence on Houzz


Houzz is a website where companies in the design-built community display project boards that showcase some of their best work and ideas. Homeowners go to the site to build idea boards for their own projects and find local providers. PIP currently has fifteen project boards and made its first sale from the site last week.   FOLLOW US on Houzz by clicking here.



coolestprojectsThe Coolest Projects

Using Faux Painting to Disguise What is Too Evident


The word "faux" means "false" in French and faux painting consists of an array of tools, techniques and materials used by painters to make painted surfaces appear to be made of something they are not. The techniques of faux painting have been developed over millennia of human history. Over time, the driving force behind the development of faux finishing has been the cost of the real materials or their unavailability/scarcity at that point in time. People resorted to paints to replicate nature's master touch. Click here for more detail.


QuestionsYour Questions Answered!


Can you Replicate the Look of my Artwork on the Adjacent Walls?


One day, a client showed me a painting in his master bath. It was about six feet long and five feet high. The painting revealed the naked body of a woman frolicking in the water. The painting had a gray band at the top and bottom and a large band of vibrant aqua, mottled with gray and cream tones to give the feel of water. The client's request was: "Can you replicate the colors and feel of the painting around the room, as if the painting bursts out of its frame?" After taking a closer look at the painting, my answer was: yes, Painting in Partnership can do this for you! Click here for more detail.



Please send me your question(s) via my e-mail at mario@paintpartner.com.     
  dearabbyDear Abby On Pet Safety 

Tips to Keep your Pets Safe During Springtime


Dear Abby, my owner loves gardening. She has lots of flowers from Spring to Fall. Do you have any good tips to keep me safe in the yard and garden? Spotty


Dear Spotty, ASPCA has a wonderful video on common poisonous plants and bulbs. Click here to check out the video. Like chocolate, cocoa mulch contains theobomine and caffeine, which are toxic to pets. It is best to avoid cocoa mulch in a pet-friendly garden. Blood and bone meal fertilizers can be attractive to dogs and cause severe gastric distress. Fence off the area where these products are used. Happy Spring Spotty!     

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