June 2013
Southern Oregon University
Small Business Development Center
The SOU Small Business Development Center (SBDC) provides in-depth, confidential, one-on-one guidance to businesses & prospective entrepreneurs at no fee. We can help you gather information, evaluate, plan, & create systems for your business that lead to greater profit, job creation, & job retention.

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A Word from Jack...Jack at desk
We are very fortunate here at the SOU SBDC to have our own "go to" person for all things financial! Russ Kennedy, one of our business counselors, has had a tremendous career in business finance including Chief Financial Officer with various firms in Silicon Valley, CPA with Price Waterhouse, and active in the investment communities in the Bay area and southern Oregon. Russ specializes in assisting SBDC clients in developing their financial projections and helps them to understand what it all means so that they can better manage their business by the numbers; a critical aspect of small business management.

Another key role that Russ fulfills at the SBDC is to assist businesses that are preparing to sell by helping to valuate the business and developing a strategy for exiting. This is no simple task and it's great to have the assistance of one who has "been there, done that."

We urge you to look at all of our staff bios as you may be delighted to see the depth of what we have to offer.

Thanks, Russ for all you do for the SOU SBDC!

Client Spotlight
Theresa Delaney & Mike Dimon
Theresa Delaney & Mike Dimon first came to the SOU Small Business Development Center in April 2012 to gain knowledge about starting a business. 

They promptly attended both the "Smart Start Your Business" & "Business Plan Development" workshops.

They opened their tap room on March 17, 2013 (St. Patrick's Day!) & it has been non-stop ever since.  In less than 1 year, Theresa & Mike went from concept stage to operating a thriving business that is now ready for further expansion.

With the assistance of the SBDC, they were able to evaluate the feasibility of their idea & then develop both the business & financial plan that secured the financing they needed to open the business.  They  continue to work with the SBDC as they work through their future planning.

Portal Brewing is located at 100 E. 6th Street in downtown Medford.  They specialize in a wide variety of hand crafted beers. Homemade food is also served & made fresh to order.

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June 2013 SBDC Workshops: 

Biz Center 3D
June 13, 2013
6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

June 28, 2013
9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Get the important information you need to know before you start your business in southern Oregon. This 3-hour workshop provides the "nuts and bolts" and more to help you succeed.
More information
Medford Chamber Forum: State of the County
June 10, 2013 
11:30 AM to 1:30 PM
Rogue Valley Country Club, Medford  

Perfect Your Business Pitch
June 20, 2013
6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Talent Public Library Meeting Room

Move from telling people what you do to having them ask you to do it for them!   A simple elevator pitch isn't enough anymore, you must be able to get someone interested in what you can do for them!

Join Jefferson State Toastmasters and learn improved techniques for getting people interested in what you can do for them.  Before the night is done, you will have a chance to practice your new perfect business pitch.

Contact Scott Alexander 541-840-0763 or email Jeffstatetm@gmail.com to RSVP.
Business XPress:
Oregon's Business Portal
This "one stop shopping" website has everything a person needs to get started doing business in Oregon.

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Small Business
Networking Opportunities

Ashland Chamber Greeters
Every Friday, 
8:15-9:30 am

Medford Chamber Greeters
Every Thursday, 
8:00-9:00 am

Phoenix Chamber Greeters
First Tuesday, 
8:30-9:30 am
Click here for more information. 

Talent Chamber Greeters
Third Wednesday,
8:30-9:30 am

Heart of Medford Association
Bi-Annually in May & October

Jefferson Grapevine
5:00-7:30 pm

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GROW Oregon

Thinking about growth? Wondering what it will take to stay profitable now and in the years ahead?  GROW Oregon's highly experienced advisors have been there, and have the wisdom to help your business thrive!
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International Trade
Are you looking to global markets to export or import goods and services? We resources to help you connect to and conduct business around the world.

Hispano Resources
The  OSBDCN Hispano Web Resources website provides Hispanic small businesses with business development services, business tools and access to partners also interested in the development and support of the Hispanic business community.
SBDC Online Training 
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Biz Center 3D
Available until December 31 
This course covers the basics of the many Google products including Documents, Google Chrome, Calendar, Gmail, and how to search Google images and shopping products.  Such things as invoicing clients in the field, providing clients with estimates on site, making appointments, sharing your schedule with key people, and having access to important documents anywhere and anytime are among the advantages of using Google products.

Available until December 31

This introductory course walks you through the steps to create a Facebook page and a Twitter account. This course consists of two sections, Facebook and Twitter.


Better, Smarter, Richer 

If you work as a solopreneur - an author, web designer, financial planner, or massage therapist - YOU ARE the business.


That's why traditional business advice, which focuses on managing employees, just won't work for you. This online workshop has audio guidance, valuable content, tips, and activities to help solos of all stripes, including creative and encore entrepreneurs, "be the business"...and achieve success. You don't have to be a starving artist! Or a starving retiree! If you have been struggling with how much to charge, who to sell to, or how to find enough time in your day, we'll help you get straight. We'll even help you fire clients who just aren't worth your precious time!


We structured this new business advice around stories from people who did what you want to do, just to show that whether you take photographs or provide financial advice, your passion can make you Better, Smarter and Richer. The price includes a downloadable workbook, and the course includes seven modules, each of which is about one hour in length.


Tim Berry, business-planning expert and course creator, will talk about his own history as a small-business owner, and provide examples and feedback on common questions for new business start-ups.


Learn the difference between "start-up" and "ongoing" expenses, how expenses vs. assets are treated for tax purposes, how to create a sales forecast for your business, how to create an expense budget for your business and the important difference between profits and cash.     


Learn what a target market is and what it means for your business, what is it that makes your customers buy from you, how is marketing different from sales, and how do you create a brand for your product or service? Course will also cover what to think about when developing a website for your business.

Learn about the different methods to finance a new business, how to build your management team and how to hire new employees, the difference between a business "pitch" and a business "plan," and how to create and use Plan vs. Actual forecasts for your business. 
SOREDI 26th Annual Dinner
June 21, 2013
2:30 PM to 8:00 PM
Meet at Hellgate Excursions, Grants Pass 
SOREDI's 26th Annual Dinner will be held at the OK Corral, after a very special Hellgate Jetboat ride on June 21, 2013.

The experience and speakers will give you a better understanding of the relationship between tourism and economic development.

This year's PROSPER Awards will recognize local businesses that have shown Tenacity, Collaboration, Ingenuity or Prosperity. In addition, we will name our Volunteer of the Year.

Be prepared to get wet! 

Cost: $65 SOREDI Members/$75 Non-Members

Click here to register for the dinner. 
FREE Identity Theft Webinar 
Protecting Your Business & Your Customers  
June 25, 2013 
11:00 AM to 12:00 Noon 


Presented by the Federal Trade Commission & Internal Revenue Service: Hear how to identify data security risks for small businesses that can result in ID thieves getting customer information, and get advice from the Federal Trade Commission on how to protect sensitive information.


Identity theft is growing, and the IRS has taken numerous steps to combat it and protect taxpayers. Learn what to look for and how to report tax related ID theft issues, and where to find information and resources on the IRS website.


Click here to register

Rogue Nexus Uplink
June 25, 2013 
6:00 PM to 7:30 PM 
Rogue Valley Country Club, Medford

Join other e-business colleagues to have a beer, learn some industry specifics and much more.  
Rogue Nexus is an e-business consortium representing Jackson & Josephine Counties of Southern Oregon. Facilitated by SOREDI, the Rogue Nexus was created to identify the region as a hub for e-business, attract talent and companies to Southern Oregon, provide peer-to-peer networking and best-practices for e-business leaders, quantify the value of this industry to our region's economy and host an annual educational conference and other events.

Cost: $10

Click here for more information or Click here to register
Alternative Financing: Dream$avers

Dream$avers is an individual development account (IDA) program that encourages participants to build assets. This program encompasses 3 important branches of development: education, savings and the purchase of an asset.  


Dream$avers is administered by ACCESS in Jackson and Josephine Counties in partnership with Neighborworks Umpqua.


If you can answer YES to any of the following questions, you may qualify for this exciting opportunity! 

  1. Do you live in Jackson or Josephine counties?
  2. Is your GROSS household income at or below the income limits for the program? Income limits are listed by household size at the bottom of this flyer
  3. Does your total household net worth equal less than $20,000 (not counting your home if you own one and one vehicle)?
  4. Are you eighteen years of age or older and an Oregon resident?
  5. Can you afford to save money and commit to making a deposit monthly for one to three years?
  6. Would you like to save for first time homeownership, starting or expanding a small business, getting your post secondary education?

To learn more or to request an application contact ACCESS at 541-779-6691 ext 355

Dream$avers allows eligible participants to save up to $2000 over the course of 1 to 3 years, and will match it 3:1. That's like receiving 300% interest! Participants receive financial education and additional training and support specific to their savings goal so that when they reach their savings goal and are eligible to make a purchase, they are prepared! 

Moss Adams Monthly Article

Internal Controls

By Christine Watson, CPA & April Stith, CPA


Who is responsible for internal controls within your organization?  This is an important question that should be addressed.


An internal control is a process put in place by management designed to provide reasonable assurance regarding the reliability of financial reporting, effectiveness and efficiency of operations, and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.  Internal controls consist of both "entity-level controls" such as management review and involvement, and "activity-level controls" such as segregation of duties, safeguarding of assets and reconciliations.


How do you know if you have too many ... or too few controls?  The first step is to identify your controls and determine what risks they cover for the financial areas that you are concerned about.  Use this opportunity to meet with those people completing the controls and determine if there are any controls that they do not follow and find out from them how their job could be more efficient.  Also, you can ask your employees if they know of a way to get around any of the controls put in place and commit fraud.


Fraud can happen when four elements are present: opportunity, capacity, rationalization or attitude, and incentive or pressure.   Fraud can come in many areas such as cash, receivables, fixed assets, purchases, payroll, expense accounts, or credit card use.  Each of these areas should have controls in place to reduce the likelihood of an employee committing fraud.


When looking at your organization's internal controls, it is important to balance the risk and internal control.  Excessive risk can lead to misappropriation of assets or bad business decisions, while excessive controls can lead to increased complexity and reduced productivity.  Internal controls are an important element of any successful organization and should be reviewed regularly to ensure they are being followed and benefiting the organization.

Free SBA Webinars
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SBA Logo  

 SBA Virtual Loan Briefing
June 6, 2013
12:00 PM PST - 1:00 PM PST

SBA-backed loans are made by participating lenders and are used to fund start-up and existing service, retail construction, manufacturing businesses, and more.


Attend a loan briefing to find out:

  • types of loans available, eligibility and credit requirements
  • things you need to prepare for a lender
  • lenders who have been actively doing small business loans
  • SBA resources to help you get ready   
1-2-3 Webinar: The Business Side of Art
How to Market Your Work
June 6, 2013
2:00 PM MST - 3:00 PM MST

Many people building art or creative businesses use a "throw it all on the wall and see what sticks" marketing plan or strategy, trying out any tactic or fad, hoping something will eventually work. The bad news is, this approach rarely works. This webinar will focus on proven methods and techniques of the marketing of your artwork.

Learning how to write a resume, artist statement or vitae, exhibition record, cover letter to a gallery are a few tools artists have to learn. In addition, how to photograph your work, create exhibition platforms, developing interactive and internet galleries are other considerations artists should be familiar with.

8(a) Business Development Program Information Session
June 11, 2013
10:00 AM CST - 11:00 AM CST

Overview of SBA's 8(a) Business Development Program created to assist small disadvantaged businesses become competitive enterprises in the U.S. economy while obtaining business development and federal government contract assistance.    


You will learn about the 8(a) Business Development Program benefits, application process and additional eligibility criteria.


SBA Loan Clinic
June 11, 2013
9:00 AM EST - 10:00 AM EST
Do you need to borrow money for your business and aren't sure how to take the next step? Attend this free virtual loan clinic and learn about SBA's lending role and how an SBA loan can benefit your business including lender requirements for loan approval.

SBA Loan Clinic
June 11, 2013
12:00 PM EST - 1:00 PM EST
See above description.

How to Buy a Franchise
June 12, 2013
11:00 AM MST - 12:00 PM MST

Blair Nicol, owner of FranNet Northwest, will share what he has learned over the past 25 years on starting, owning and selling franchises. This webinar will answer the following questions and many more.
  1. Is there more to franchising than food and automotive?
  2. What are the risks and rewards of business ownership?
  3. How much does it cost to start your own franchise?
  4. Where can I get financing?
  5. How do I get started on finding the right business?

This will be an interactive webinar where you can get your questions answered and learn more from others online. Bring your questions and the desire to learn more.


The New Health Care Law & Small Business
June 14, 2013
2:00 PM EST - 3:00 PM EST


This webinar will help small business owners navitage the new national healthcare legislation, the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  We'll answer these important questions:

  • Do I have to purchase healthcare for my employees?
  • What if I'm a sole proprietor?
  • When does the law go into effect?
  • Am I eligible for tax credits?
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