Femme Fatale
Femmes Fatales

A Femme Fatale is a mysterious and seductive woman whose charms ensnare her lovers in bonds of irresistible desire, often leading them into compromising, dangerous, and deadly situations.

 She is an archetype of literature and art. Her ability to entrance and hypnotise her victim with a spell was in the earliest stories seen as being literally supernatural; hence, the femme fatale today is still often described as having a power akin to an enchantress, seductress, vampire, witch, or demon.


Although typically villainous, if not morally ambiguous, and always associated with a sense of mystification and unease, Femmes Fatales have also appeared as anti-heroines in some stories, and some even repent and become true heroines by the end of the tale. 
 A Femme Fatale would usually drive their lover to the point of obsession and exhaustion, so that he is incapable of making rational decisions.
  But what about if some of those lovers chose La petite mort that spiritual release and short period of melancholy as a transcendence of the expenditure of the life force in the brain after the occurrence of orgasm.

Barthes spoke of la petite mort as the chief objective of reading literature. He metaphorically used the concept to describe the feeling one should get when experiencing any great literature or adventure.

 Madonna, Alessandra Ambrosio,the Duchess of Windsor, Anna Karenina, are my Femmes Fatales heroines on this November edition... they make me dream...they are my true life inspiration. 

 Live and enjoy


 Anna Karenina First Look

Instead of updating or transporting Leo Tolstoy's sprawling and old-fashioned story to a contemporary setting,  Wright, whose last film is the audio-visual treat that is Hanna, has decided that the way to wow the audiences is through the visual aspect. And in that effort, he has created a truly unique spectacle.

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 Desire Behind Desire 

Based on the dictionary's definition, desire is a longing or craving for something that brings satisfaction or enjoyment, a sexual appetite or urge.
Autumn Winter Hat Nostalgia

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 Last night in the midst of the snow storm I watched W.E the movie directed by Madonna about the greatest romance of the century.

 2012 Victoria Secret Fashion Show

Rihanna wooed, Justin Bieber wowed and Bruno Mars turned the Victoria's Secret fashion extravaganza into a big party.



 Grace Belgravia Women-Only Private Club

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