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Peaceful Playgrounds enhances learning, prevents bullying, and promotes positive social interaction on the playground.

A special Welcome to Guest Blogger Paul Rosengard.......

A Walk Down Memory Lane...

Peaceful Playgrounds-Cohosset Elementary
A Walk Down Memory Lane...
One of the nice things about getting older (yes, there are some positives...) is recalling the days when physical education (PE) teachers like myself smiled crookedly when asked about anything outside our locus of control (i.e., the gym and fields). We were so busy trying to do our jobs well: teach multiple classes at various grade levels, coach teams after school and on the weekends, etc., that it was hard to imagine assuming additional responsibilities.
Yet today's physical educator is called upon to do so much more. For example, we ask them to collaborate with others on coordinated school health committees and take measurable actions to ensure their school's environment is conducive to physical activity. This makes sense because a school's PE teacher is almost always the movement expert on campus. I applaud this expanded role and cheer those physical educators who extend their reach and think outside their gymnasiums. Kudos to you all!
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