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Peaceful Playgrounds enhances learning, prevents bullying, and promotes positive social interaction on the playground.

Not "it".  Schools banning "tag".

Is tag really bad?  TV stations, newspapers and website blogs across the nation are covering stories of schools banning tag at elementary schools.

As a former elementary school principal, I can relate to the "banning" epidemic.  When my office was filled with 10 kids for discipline issues before school even started each morning, I too banned "before school recess". But I quickly learned that decision was a poor one.  Too often we resort to extremes in times of frustration.  The real problem was untrained supervisors, lack of playground rules, children arriving before playground supervisors,  and not enough activity choices for children to play.

Some helpful hints to improving your playground:  Make sure children have enough activity choices and equipment to participate in games.  It helps to be proactive and communicate both playground rules and rationale to the community at the beginning of the school year.  Reactive responses are sometimes necessary but put us on the defense.

Finally, the issue is not so much "is tag bad", as "is your playground good"?  Schools that devote time to improving their playground reap many rewards including: fewer playground conflicts, decreases in bullying, fewer injuries and more active children.

For more information on improving your school playground visit our website at Peaceful Playgrounds Recess Program
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Peaceful Playgrounds on Wink News
Peaceful Playgrounds on Wink News

Peaceful Playgrounds  

Grab this set of Halloween Brain Breaks that are sure to motivate active learning.  Brain Breaks help to focus children, re-energize them and get them up and moving in a classroom.  Students have fun with a Halloween "themed" set of 12 brain break cards.  Some examples include:  Cat Walk, Witch Whirling, tossing Jack-0-Lanterns, Mummy Walk, Eyeball Juggle and Pumpkin Arm Lifts.
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As we continue to expand internationally, we are currently in search of distributors for the UK and Canada.  If interested in more information contact : melinda@peacefulplaygrounds.com
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Peaceful Playgrounds has a number of downloadable products including: Brain Break Task Cards, Exercise Cards, PE and Classroom Party Game Sets, Cold Weather Tips, Earth Day Games, Fortune Teller Games, PE Curriculum, Poster Sets, Holiday Games and Playground Safety Tips to name a few.

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