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September 2013
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Bullying Compliance Course
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Michigan State University School of Journalism recently released an article entitled, "Teachers say that training must support bullying laws."  The article continues, "Although many schools already have anti-bullying policies in place, many teachers find themselves searching for more effective ways to combat bullying in their classrooms. Laws alone are not enough, they say, and training would help."

My experience and observations have been much the same.  I have many educators in my immediate family. I also get invitations to retiree gatherings, monthly lunch meetings, and family gatherings in which education is the centerpiece of most discussions. In casual discussions it became apparent to me that many teachers are still unsure of what bullying is (definition) and what to do about it; and few (if any) are  familiar with the legal requirements mandated by state legislation or state policies on bullying prevention. 

In authoring the Bullying Prevention Compliance Course, my goal is to provide instruction on how to define bullying; a "how to" emphasis on responding to a bullying incident; and finally, the legal requirements required in each state. 

A special emphasis on cyber-bullying is covered, including your legal obligations regarding when and how to intervene.

The course has a 25-question quiz at the end; and in addition to the completion certificate, an open badge  known as the "new online standard to recognize and verify learning" will be issued. Open badges allow learners to get recognition for skills they learn anywhere.  You might think of it as an online portfolio.

If you want to know more about open badges, read the New York Times article, "Show Me Your Badge," which explains the badge as, "... a new type of credential being developed by some of the most prominent businesses and learning organizations in the world, including Purdue, Carnegie Mellon, the University of California, the Smithsonian, Intel and Disney-Pixar."

Stewart Elementary U.S.  Map
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September Winners
Connie Webster, Principal  Sts. Peter & Paul   Easton   MD
Candy Seifert, Teacher  Orchards Elementary  Vancouver  WA
Meghan Slowik, PTO Bowles Elementary  Springfield  MA

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When is it too hot for recess?
cool kids at recess
Keeping kids cool at recess

As most of the nation heads back to school facing triple digit heat, schools face the challenges associated with outdoor recess and overheated classrooms. Principals and physical educators will face daily decisions regarding children's heat health on the playground.


In this article, we review information regarding different playground challenges and solutions to those problems.  Read more here -  When is it too hot for recess


Grants, Grants and More Grants
for Physical Activity and Nutrition

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Looking for a grant to fund physical activity or school gardens?  We added new grants this month.


So what are you waiting for? Our grants page will help get you started.


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