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May 2014



"Looking good isn't self-importance; it's self-respect."

- Charles Hix












Kingford Bavender
Certified Master Custom Clothier

Formal events usually call for the formal black (or white) of a tuxedo-but when the event is in a casual setting, deciding what to wear can be a challenge.


Whether you're attending an outdoor wedding, a charity event at a golf course, a dinner cruise, or another dressy occasion held outdoors or before dark, you can be stylishly (and appropriately) dressed by following a few simple guidelines:

  • Lighten the color palette. Black formalwear is usually too stark for an outdoor wedding, so move to a cream or light tan suit. A crisp white shirt with French cuffs works well with a lightweight suit.
  • Simplify the details. Dressy occasions call for clean lines and few accoutrements, no matter the hour or location.
  • Choose sophisticated textures. The refined fabrics available for fine suits and shirts use a wide variety of weaving techniques, giving you a multitude of refined options for your custom summer wardrobe. Leather shoes (or even sandals, if you're in a tropical location) and watchband are dressier than most manmade textiles.


Creating a dressy ensemble for outdoor events will allow you to relax and enjoy the occasion, instead of feeling overdressed in black eveningwear.


Several of today's top TV hosts have developed their own signature style. In an industry long dominated by clothing chosen by companies offering "promotional" clothing, we're happy to see TV personalities expressing their own style sensibilities. Here are a few notable examples:


Jimmy Fallon is out to prove that you can dance, jump, and be as cool as a pop star-all in a well-tailored suit. Andy Cohen is never at a loss for style; his clothing attracts attention without going overboard. Matt Lauer keeps his style choices understated, strong, and masculine. Carson Daly has developed a solid, reliable style that is neither fussy nor sloppy. Nick Cannon combines showy colors with excellent detailing, perfect for a performer.


Whether their style is conservative or flamboyant, these entertainers use their clothing as a visual expression. Call us today to schedule your next personal consultation to develop the clothing style that's right for you. 

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