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February 2016  

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A software review is a great way to help you determine if you're efficiently using your BusinessWorks software.


Did Your BusinessWorks System Contribute to Your Success in 2015? 
Accounting software can play a significant role in a company's success.  Does yours give you the edge you need to compete?  


Just like professional athletes, businesses generally review their performance on a regular basis and look for ways to improve.  Have you taken a look at your BusinessWorks system lately to determine if it is helping or hindering your company's performance?


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Ransomware - A Growing Problem
Don't let your computer and data be taken hostage.  Learn how to protect yourself and your organization.

Just when we learned how to effectively deal with viruses and malware, another type of malicious software has come along called Ransomware.  Although it doesn't wear a bandana or mask to hide its identity, ransomware acts just like a criminal holding a hostage captive until a sum of money is paid.  Only, the hostage is your computer and its data.

Ransomware has been around long enough for security professionals to find ways to prevent it.  They've also learned the best steps to take if your computer has been compromised.