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January 2016

Did You Know?

It has become essential for even small businesses to have an Internet policy.

Learn how to craft one that best suits your business and its employees.




Ransomware - A Growing Problem 
Don't let your computer and data be taken hostage.  Learn how to protect yourself and your business. 

Just when we learned how to effectively deal with viruses and malware, another type of malicious software has come along called Ransomware.  Although it doesn't wear a bandana or mask to hide its identity, ransomware acts just like a criminal holding a hostage captive until a sum of money is paid.  Only, the hostage is your computer and its data.   

Ransomware has been around long enough for security professionals to find ways to prevent it.  They've also learned the best steps to take if your computer has been compromised.     

blue line  
Why is My Computer Running Sooo Slow?
We've all suffered the pain of a slow, unresponsive computer.  Some of us yell, some complain to co-workers, others take steps to fix it. 
As time goes by, all computers begin to slow down.  At some point you gain enough time during the boot up process to walk to the break room for a cup of coffee before your computer has finished loading its programs.  Fortunately, there are a few simple things you can do.

Learn what you can do to speed up your computer.