Network Newsletter
June 2015

Did You Know?  
It can be unsafe to use
your wireless laptop or mobile device in a wireless hot spot.




Protect Your Technology While Traveling 
Learn the best ways to protect your mobile technology and the data it contains, while you're on vacation.


Summer is now here and with it's arrival comes the much needed vacation.  Before you pack your favorite swim trunks, make sure you've given proper thought to protecting your technology and its valuable data.     
With just a few simple precautions, you can rest easy on your next vacation.


blue line  
Windows Server 2003 End of Life 
The end of support is rapidly approaching. 

Beginning July 14, 2015 Microsoft will no longer provide any updates to support, modify or secure its 12-year-old operating system, Windows Server 2003.


If your business is still running Windows Server 2003, learn more about your options by reading the articles listed below. 


Windows Server 2003 Sunset - What does this mean for you?


Microsoft Server 2003 Sunset - Security Risks


If you would like to schedule a time to review your Windows Server 2003 usage and what this change means for your business, please contact Pete Amborn, Manager - Network Services at 260.423.2414 or