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June 2015  

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DWD Offers Its Clients
Free Software Reviews
(a $250 value)

A software review is a great way to help you determine if you're efficiently using your BusinessWorks software.


BusinessWorks 2015 Service Pack 2
Service packs include new software features and functionality.  Be sure to install them as they are released.  


Sage BusinessWorks service packs are a bit different than others, as they include new software features and functionality along with the normal software patches, bug fixes, and tax table updates.

To ensure you are taking advantage of the latest software enhancements, we recommend you stay up to date with your service packs. Generally, service packs are released and are available for download several times a year.

You can access these updates directly through Sage BusinessWorks by going to Help > Support and Service on the Web > Download Updates.


If you need assistance upgrading your software or installing the latest service pack, please contact Mary Hildinger at 260.423.2414 or  


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Sage BusinessWorks Software Tip Vault
Visit our BusinessWorks software tip vault to view instructions on some of the most frequently asked software questions.

During the past few years, our software consultants have created step by step instructions for technical questions repeatedly asked by our clients.  The software tips are posted on our website as a resource for all Sage BusinessWorks software users.

View All Sage BusinessWorks Software Tips.   

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Are You Considering Going BYOD?
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies are becoming more popular.  What are the pros and cons?

On the surface, a BYOD policy may seem like a cost effective way to deal with your technology needs.  In many ways it is.  However, there are a few considerations to keep in mind.

Understanding the potential benefits and pitfalls of a BYOD policy can help you determine if it's right for your business.