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April 2015

Did You Know?  
A few simple shortcuts can drastically improve your Windows experience.

Check out these handy shortcuts to help save time. 


What does the Microsoft Server 2003 sunset date mean for your company's security. 


With Microsoft ending support for its popular Server 2003, many people are wondering what it means in terms of business security.
While it's true that loss of support for MS Server 2003 may have a major impact on the security of a company still using the server after the sunset date, there are steps you can take to ensure peace of mind.


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What is Managed Services
Curious about Managed Services or exactly how they can help you? 

You may have heard about Managed Services and wonder if they're right for you. Many businesses take advantage of Managed Services so they can concentrate on what matters most, managing their business.

Learn the key points on how Managed Services can help your business operate more efficiently.