Network Newsletter
February 2015

Did You Know?  
Regular software updates keep your systems secure and running more smoothly.

While there may be a plethora of reasons why people choose to ignore updates, the risks are real.

Let's examine a few of them.




Learn How to Use Technology to Better Communicate with Your Clients.
Technology can shorten the bridge between you and your clients.  


Technology is constantly changing the way we communicate with clients. Knowing what technology is available and how to utilize it, is vital in any competitive business.


Learn how technology is making it easier than ever to build customer relations.      
blue line  
What is Microsoft Office 365?
Learn how Office 365 differs from Microsoft Office. 
Microsoft Office has been the go-to productivity software suite for many years. Microsoft Office 365 differs itself in many ways from former editions, including the ability to work on a cloud based platform. 


Learn about the features of Office 365 and why it's been a welcome addition to today's business technology.