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September 2014

Did You Know?  
It can be unsafe to use your laptop or mobile device in a wireless hot spot.


IT Expenditures - To Plan Or Not To Plan...
In today's competitive business environment, keeping up-to-date with essential technology is a must.


Many small to medium sized companies find themselves struggling to make decisions when it comes time to upgrade necessary technology.  Having a proper business plan that accounts for IT upgrades and updates is absolutely crucial. 
Learn how to ensure your company is ready for any IT needs while also easing the stress of the process.   

blue line  
Laptops, Tablets & Everything In Between
Since the emergence of portable computing solutions, more and more choices have become available to consumers. 


Thanks to more portable computing solutions, we're no longer shackled to the office desk.  However, choosing the right device for you many seem a bit daunting.

The current portable computing market is constantly changing.  More products are coming on the market, each with different capabilities and functionalities.  This handy guide will help you on your journey in deciding which product is just the right fit.