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August 2014

Are You Still Running Windows XP?  
Since the April retirement 
of Windows XP, DWD  
has helped many 
businesses review and 
upgrade their systems.
Contact us today 
for assistance! 


Are You Prepared for a Microsoft Software Licensing Audit?  
Microsoft licensing audits are becoming more prevalent among small and mid-sized businesses just like yours.


The term "Software License Audit" brings many thoughts to the minds of most people whether on a personal or professional level and those thoughts are rarely favorable. 

Licensing audits are nothing new for Microsoft, however we've noticed they are touching more small and mid-size businesses than in the past.  Because of this, it's important for your business to be sure you are keeping good record of the Microsoft licenses you own.


Learn about Microsoft's licensing audits and how to be prepared. 

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9 Easy Ways to Protect Your Laptop
Traveling with a laptop can represent a significant security risk to your business.  Learn how to take proper safety precautions.

A laptop's portability makes it convenient--and an easy target for thieves.  Losing your laptop can be devastating, especially if you keep important documents and files on its hard drive, without a backup.


Here are nine ways to protect your laptop from being stolen, as well as to safeguard the data you store on it   


Learn 9 easy ways to protect your laptop.