Nonprofit Newsletter
August 2014  

Fall MIP User Group
Save the Date!

Indianapolis, IN 
October 22nd 
1:00 - 4:00pm EDT

Fort Wayne, IN 
October 23rd 
9:00am - Noon EDT

Canton, OH
October 29th
1:00 - 4:00pm EDT

Toledo, OH
October 30th
9:00am - Noon EDT




MIP Fund Accounting v2014.6 Offers New Fraud Detection Functionality

Protect your reputation and ensure your money is directed at fulfilling your mission.

Sadly, fraudulent activity even exists within nonprofit organizations with estimates that organizations lose billions each year. 

As an effort to help nonprofit leaders detect fraud, Abila has added new features to your MIP system. 

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Do You Know Of Another Organization That Is Struggling With Their Accounting Software?
We would be honored to have the opportunity to assist them.

On of the most appreciated things our clients do is recommend DWD to their friends and peers at other organizations.

If you know of another organization that is struggling with their financial management system, we would love the opportunity to talk with them.

As an added benefit, if they become an MIP client, you'll be headed to dinner compliments of DWD.

If you know of an organization you'd like to refer, please contact John Haney at or 800.232.8913.

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Stop Trying to Follow the Paper Flow!
Did you know you can process your requisitions/purchase orders electronically?

The Microix Requisition module helps to eliminate the cumbersome manual requisition/purchase order process and enables you to see the latest financial data.

Microix Requisition works hand-in-hand with MIP Fund Accounting allowing easy integration with existing data.  It gives users and managers real-time budget control.

Key Features of Microix Requisition
  • Multi-level approval process for each group/department.
  • Easy to use transaction wizard to facilitate data entry.
  • Analyzes purchase activities by departments, users, vendors or items.
  • Managers can approve, deny, modify or return requisitions to the originator for corrections.
  • Prevents unauthorized users from accessing specific accounts.
Learn about the Microix Requisition/Purchase Order module.

If you have questions about how the Microix Requisition module could benefit your organization, please contact John Haney for more details.

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Keeping Board Members Engaged
Are your board members truly engaged in the work of your organization?

If your organization is like most, the answer is "yes" and "no". You're doing well if "Engaged" describes half of your board members. But what about the other half?

Effectively engaging your board members takes an investment in time and the willingness to customize your approach for each board member. But having an engaged board of high performers will pay off with significant returns!

Learn how to keep board members engaged.