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July 2014

Are You Still Running Windows XP?  
Since the April retirement 
of Windows XP, DWD  
has helped many 
businesses review and 
upgrade their systems.
Contact us today 
for assistance! 


The Perfect Password Policy?  
While there is no perfect password policy that applies to all companies, there are a few basics that pertain to everyone.


A state-of-the-art security system won't much matter if a hacker gets a hold of an employee's password.  Smart password practices require next to no budget and require little time to setup and manage.


If your business has overlooked setting up a password policy, now is the time to put one in place.  


Learn the basics for creating a company wide password policy.

blue line  
10 Tips to Keep Your Computer Healthy
Keeping your computer running smoothly calls for a little care and attention.  Luckily it is not difficult.

Computers can be fairly expensive, and with all big purchases you want to take steps to protect your investment.  Prevention is better than cure, and many computer problems can be avoided if you follow a routine of simple housekeeping steps.

Learn 10 tips to keep your computer healthy.