Network Newsletter  
June 2014

Did You Know?

There is a Microsoft
Support Phone Scam  
Unless you have specifically put in a call to Microsoft requesting support, you
should not expect to be contacted by them to review your system or network.  
Don't get tricked! 


Peace of Mind Through Updating 
While there may be a plethora of reasons why many people choose to ignore updates, the risks are real.


While updates provide you with the latest version of a program, they provide much more including patches for security threats, fixes for programming bugs, updates to hardware drivers and more. 


If you are among the many people that ignore operating system and software updates, you may be opening up yourself and others on your network to more risk than you realize.    


Learn the importance of operating system and software updates.   


blue line  
7 Tips to Protect Your Smartphone Data
Research shows that over 50% of smartphone users have ignored setting up security measures.  Did you?

Smartphones are veritable gold mines of personal information and are popular targets for thieves.  Modern advances to smartphones mean that there's often far more at stake than losing contacts and text messages if a smartphone is lost or stolen. 
Data security is never easy, and security for mobile devices, like smartphones is no exception.  But you can take a few steps to meaningfully improve your mobile security.