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June 2014  

Did You Know? 

DWD offers customized MIP training to meet
your teams unique
needs and skill set. 

Training is offered via the web or at your office.



MIP Database Modifications

Maintaining database accuracy is a crucial part of keeping your nonprofit running smoothly.

When an organization needs to add a segment to their Chart of Accounts, change their fiscal year-end or consolidate databases, they will also need to change their record keeping procedures to keep their organization running smoothly.

Luckily database modifications can be made to MIP to retroactively apply changes or meet future requirements.

Examples where database modifications may be helpful.
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20% Off Advanced Security for MIP!
It's a win-win situation with Advanced Security for MIP.

It's good to know that department managers are watching their budgets to make the best use of your organization's limited funds.  But the interruptions caused by questions directed to the accounting department can make your job that much more difficult.
  • Why is my supplies expense twice what it was last month?
  • What makes up the balance in the travel account?
  • Where is the grant revenue I expected to see this month?

With the Advanced Security module, you can allow managers to have on-line access to their financial reports, drill down into financial totals, and restrict them to preselected departments, programs, locations, general ledger codes, etc.

Receive a 20% discount on Advanced Security thru June 30th!

If you would like information about how this capability can benefit your organization, please contact John Haney for more details.

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Importance of Segregating Duties
Although it may be more difficult, even the smallest nonprofit should strive to segregate duties as much as possible.

The responsibilities of authorizing transactions, recording transactions and maintaining custody of assets should be divided to the furthest extent possible to reduce the risk of misstatement and fraud.

Learn how to segregate duties between a small staff.