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May 2014

Did You Know?
You can be putting your computer at risk when you download files
from the Internet.


The Perils of Data Loss 
Data backup should be a top priority for any business, yet many companies are still operating without a reliable safety net.


Hacker Attack . Power Outage . Server Failure . Natural Disaster


When your companies data is lost, the only thing that will be important to you is your ability to restore the data and restore it quickly.  


With a little preparation and a reliable plan, you can rest easy and know your business is well prepared to recover from any unforeseen event.


Learn about data back up options for your business.   


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Helpful Keyboard Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts
Boost productivity by learning keyboard shortcuts.

Have you ever watched in amazement as someone operates their keyboard using shortcuts and it seems as though it would have taken you minutes to perform the same tasks?  Envy no more!

For most people, the keyboard is the primary computer input and control device - that's why it's important to leverage the features and shortcuts that keyboards offer.

Read our helpful keyboard tips, tricks and shortcuts.