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February 2014  

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DWD Offers Its Clients
Free Software Reviews

(a $250 value)

A software review is a great way to help you determine if you're efficiently using your BusinessWorks software.


Change in BusinessWorks Service Packs

Service packs now include new software features and functionality.  Be sure to install them as they are released. 


Following the release of BusinessWorks version 2013, Sage began making new features available within its regularly released service packs.  This change was made to provide software users with product enhancements as they become available, rather than just once a year in an upgrade format.


Learn about the new features included in BusinessWorks v2013 service pack 3.


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Did Your BusinessWorks System Contribute to Your Success in 2013?
Accounting software can play a significant role in a company's success.  Does yours give you the edge you need to compete?

Just like Olympic athletes, businesses generally review their performance on a regular basis and look for ways to improve.  Have you taken a look at your BusinessWorks system lately to determine if it is helping or hindering your company's performance? 

Areas BusinessWorks users commonly look at when reviewing their system.

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Working Safely in Wireless Hot Spots
Learn how to protect your information.

Many places provide wireless (Wi-Fi) Internet connections for their customers, but they are not always safe.  It is up to you to make sure your information stays safe while surfing the web in one of these zones.

Learn 8 tips to help you work more securely in free wireless hot spots.