South Africa's Leading Foods Company benefits from Adexa's Supply Chain Applications with Big Results
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LOS ANGELES, JANUARY 20, 2015 - Adexa announces the successful operation of its Supply Chain Planning Module, Demand Planning and MEIO modules at Rainbow Farms and Vector Logistics, (subsidiaries of RCL Foods). As the largest chicken processing operation in South Africa, Rainbow along with 22 other companies that sell perishable products, rely on Vector Logistics for managing its inventory and distribution chain.  As the number of companies that rely on Vector Logistics grows, its challenge is to manage lower inventory cost and on-time delivery of the increasing number of SKU's.


After benefitting from Adexa's Demand Planning module, Vector implemented Adexa's Supply Chain Planning module followed by its Multi Echelon Inventory Optimization (MEIO) application. After months of operation the results are in line with their growing business and expectations. "The number of SKUs, packaging, fresh or frozen, size and variation of customer base can amount to hundreds if not thousands of combinations," said Ilse Gravett-Hultzer, Supply Chain Director at Vector. She further added that: "through the use of Adexa's supply chain applications, we have maintained the same or higher forecast accuracy and delivery performance despite doubling the number of SKU's. Currently, we are performing at close to 99% service levels for our Customer Secondary Distribution and close to 90% for Principle Secondary Distribution. In both cases the forecast accuracy was up by 6-8% despite a 57% increase in the number of SKUs." 


We at Adexa are delighted to have been a valued partner in this endeavor and plan to continue our support of RCL Foods innovative operations. "RCL Foods was our first customer in South Africa and we wanted to demonstrate that we are committed to the region and can be extremely successful providing adequate support to our customer base," commented Bill Green, VP of Customer Care at Adexa. The implementation was carried out with the help and support of SizweAfrica business consulting services which continues to support Adexa's operations in the region with their well-trained Adexa consultants
About Rainbow and Vector:

Rainbow Farms (Pty) Ltd and Vector Logistics (Pty) Ltd are subsidiaries of RCL foods Ltd. Rainbow Farms (Pty) Ltd, is South Africa's largest processor and marketer of chicken.  Vector Logistics (Pty) Ltd, a specialist third-party logistics service provider (3pl) for the food and food-related industries within southern Africa across the retail, wholesale and food service sectors.  Visit: and

About Adexa:

Adexa delivers intelligent enterprise business planning and performance management solutions that link strategic planning, financial planning and supply chain planning.  In this synchronized environment, the financial impact of planning decisions, and their ramifications on the enterprise, are known in advance to ensure profitable decisions are made every time.  The end result is an innovative enterprise, able to proactively adjust to changing market conditions and support growth and capitalization. Visit:

About SizweAfrica:

SizweAfrica is a consulting and technology business founded by a group of supply chain practitioners with more than 250 years cumulative experience. SizweAfrica provide design, implementation and support services in the areas of supply chain design, supply chain planning, supply chain execution and enterprise visibility. They use practical supply chain experience to assist their customers in identifying and developing the appropriate measures and action plans to optimize their supply chain activities. Working with a number of industry partners and software solutions, they are able to offer a truly end-to-end solution. Visit:
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