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Ron Wilson

Express Inventory Analysis in 48-hours at No Cost

We may not save you 15% in 15 minutes BUT with less than one day's worth of effort, we have shown other companies how to reduce inventory by 15% or more while increasing customer service!


Our Multi-echelon Inventory Optimization (MEIO) technology allows us to quickly create a model of your supply chain and then calculate the optimal way for you to position your inventory. We run your data in our proprietary algorithm which is based on stochastic probability theory and show you where and how much inventory you should be keeping at every level of the supply chain. This MEIO algorithm examines the cost and benefit of having inventory at every point of the supply chain and adjusts the levels so that the cost of inventory is minimized while meeting targeted service levels.  What do you have to lose? Give it a try and the results can have a major impact on the bottom line of your company.


What to do next:

  • Call us at 888-300-7692 (Ext. 3) or simply fill out the following information and request for a MEIO evaluation today.
  • We will contact you to sign a mutual NDA (we can use yours, if you prefer)
  • You pick a sample product or product group in an Excel spreadsheet and disguise the product names if you prefer
  • After we receive the data, we will build a model that will calculate the optimal strategy to set inventory targets at every level of your supply chain
  • We will then present you the results via a web meeting.  It will highlight where you have excess inventory, or where you need more of the same, based on your desired service levels
  • That is all! It should not take more than a few hours for the entire process to see the possibility of millions of dollars of savings!

Join a multitude of Fortune 500 companies that are now believers. Welcome to 21st century technology for inventory management!