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June 2015
Catherine Carrigan Newsletter
How Does Stress Make You Fat?

How Does Stress Make You Fat?

One of the most important steps you can ever take to lose weight is to lower your stress.

Why is this so important?


When you are stressed, the cortex of your two adrenal glands on top of each of your kidneys release a steroid hormone called cortisol.

You release cortisol when:

How can you lower your cortisol naturally?


To find out how to lower your cortisol naturally, please click this link.

My Favorite Form of Meditation 

There may be as many methods of meditation as there are meditators.

Zen meditation. Loving kindness meditation. Shavasana. Vipassana. The use of mantras. Transcendental meditation. Qi gong and tai chi. Even doing the dishes!

Common to all these forms is the practice of leaving behind one's thoughts and entering the realm of awareness.

Do You Allow Divine Inspiration To Flow Through You?

If you do not allow this divine inspiration to flow through you, to work through you, to be birthed by you, you may end up feeling not only depressed but the word I would use for this condition is dispirited - out of touch with who you are, not able to put your finger on exactly what is wrong with you, going from one therapist to the other with no result.

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Catherine Carrigan

Catherine Carrigan is a medical intuitive healer who integrates the very best of fitness, nutrition and natural healing. Her second and third books, What Is Healing? Awaken Your Intuitive Power for Health and Happiness and Unlimited Energy Now became No. 1 best sellers on Amazon.

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