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Targeted Basic Behavioral and Social Science and Intervention Development for HIV Prevention and Care  (R01)  (R21)


Improving Delivery of HIV Prevention and Treatment through Implementation Science and Translational Research  (R01)  (R21)


Advancing Structural Level Interventions Through Enhanced Understanding of Social Determinants in HIV Prevention and Care  (R01)  (R21)


Accelerating Improvements in the HIV Care Continuum  (R01)  (R21)


Strengthening Adherence to Antiretroviral-Based HIV Treatment and Prevention  (R01)  (R21

Health Information Technology (HIT) Capacity Building for Monitoring and Improving Health Outcomes Along the HIV Care Continuum - Technical Assistance Center
Sponsor:            HIV/AIDS Bureau/HRSA/DHHS                                                                                                                           
Sponsor Number:        HIV/AIDS Bureau/HRSA/DHHS                                                                                                                            
Deadline Date:         31-Mar-2014
 Amount:         750,000.00 USD
Contact Name :        Adan Cajina, Chief
 Contact Telephone :        301-443-3180
Contact Email :
Sponsor Website :
Program URL :
Deadline Dates (ALL) :        31-Mar-2014
Call for Applications: Cyber Mentor Proteges
The Cyber Mentors Program, funded the National Institute of Mental Health, is designed to prepare behavioral and social scientists for successful independent research careers that examine HIV/AIDS and health disparities among populations of color and other communities disproportionately affected by the virus. The 2-year long mentorship program utilizes state of the art distance collaboration and learning technologies (e.g., social media, webinars, etc.), which facilitate the development of professional relationships that support protégés' research efforts and prepares  them  to submit a successful National Institutes of Health grant application.
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Submissions are accepted until March 9, 2014 at midnight