June 2015
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Story of the Month - JUNE

Mongolia Green Economy Week Further Advance the Country's Green Development Efforts

"The transformation to sustainable development in Mongolia creates opportunities for environmentally friendly, low carbon and low waste production and services" said D. Oyunkhorol, Minister of Environment, Green Development and Tourism, as she kicked off the national Green Economy Week on June 16. The Green Economy Week in Mongolia consisted of a three-day national workshop which took stock of policy developments and processes in Mongolia to advance  green development.

As part of the Green Economy Week, a High Level Meeting addressed the links between Mongolia's Green Development Policy and the Post 2015 Development Agenda.


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About PAGE

The Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE) is a global partnership created to support countries in their transition to a green economy.


The Partnership brings together the expertise of ILO, UNDP, UNEP, UNIDO and UNITAR, to empower participating countries to develop comprehensive policies stimulating sustainable development and eradicating poverty through a transition to a green economy. 


The initiative, which is the UN's answer to the call to action in the Rio+20 Declaration, The Future We Want, is designed to support a sustainable and equitable transformation of the national economic structures of up to twenty countries by 2020. 

PAGE supports national and sectoral economic planning, provides access to research, knowledge and tools, and capacity building at the institutional and individual level.



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The Partnership for Action on Green Economy

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email: page@unep.org

PAGE Website Launch


The PAGE website is now online! It will be officially launched at the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development in New York 7 July. The website is a platform for sharing country experiences and progress, as well as a resource base including green economy knowledge products, learning packages and multimedia.


Visit the PAGE website here


Two New Ministries Joins the PAGE Effort in Peru


Peru's Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation and the Ministry of Transport and Communications has joined the national PAGE effort, increasing the number of aligned Ministries under this initiative to a total of five. The areas of work of both Ministries are currently being analysed in a macro-economic green economy study, leading to the development of new policy recommendations that can foster green growth.   



The Peruvian  Ministry of Labour and Employment Promotion also signed an agreement with the Inkaterra Association in order to coordinate efforts to promote green and decent jobs, improve the employability, reduce informal employment, reduce poverty and improve the quality of life of local people.

World Environment Day June 5


The World Environment Day's theme this year was "Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care." The focus was on sustainable consumption and production by all citizens of the world. 


Achim Steiner, the Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme published an editorial titled "From Wasted Economy to Wasted Planet: Why Changing Our Consumption Patterns is a Choice We Must Make" where he mentions green economy and PAGE as a means of addressing these important issues. 


Mongolia Stocktaking Study Launched


This report, produced by the Ministry of Environment and Green Development of Mongolia with PAGE support, analyses Mongolia's progress towards a green economy, taking stock of relevant policies and initiatives, and identifies the major actors who will drive a green economy transition. 


The report identifies opportunities for the international community to assist Mongolia to transform its economy.


PAGE Exchange
New Green Economy Textbook Launched in China


A new Green Economy Textbook, launched on June 10 in Beijing, is expected to play a significant role in assisting the Chinese Government, policy makers and the public in moving towards an Inclusive Green Economy and Ecological Civilization, turning environmental challenges into new opportunities for sustainable development.


The Chinese textbook titled "Green Economy: Theory, Methods and Cases from the United Nations' Perspective" was produced by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in collaboration with Tongji University. It is supported by illustrative examples tailored to a Chinese audience and provides understanding of the Inclusive Green Economy concept and its linkage to the Chinese concept of Ecological Civilization.

Trade and Green Economy Handbook Now Available in Chinese


The Trade and Green Economy Handbook, a joint UNEP publication with the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), was launched in Chinese by UNEP and the China National Institute of Standardization (CNIS) on June 13 at the 10th Anniversary & Seminar of Energy Efficiency Labelling in Beijing.


The Handbook covers a wealth of new information, including the emergence of the Green Economy concept, the latest World Trade Organisation (WTO) jurisprudence and the increasingly important linkages between trade and inclusive Green Economy policies and practices.

Mozambique, the Biofund, and Moving Towards Post-Extractive Economies 


BIOFUND, Mozambique's Foundation for the Conservation of Biodiversity, hosted an international forum entitled "Conservation as a Pillar of Development", in Maputo on June 10-12. The forum analysed how conservation in general and a protected areas network in particular can and must contribute to national development, increasing human well-being, livelihoods, and provision of ecosystem goods and services essential for robust and sustainable socio-economic development.


Dr. Steven Stone, Chief of the United Nations Environment Programme, Economics and Trade Branch, delivered the a key note speech at the forum.


Pope Francis Calls for Immediate Action to Fight Climate Change


Pope Francis today called on the world's 1.2 billion Catholics to join the fight against climate change. In a papal encyclical letter, Pope Francis declared that the science of climate change is clear and that the Catholic Church views climate change as a moral issue that must be addressed in order to protect the Earth and everyone on it.


"Pope Francis' encyclical underscores the moral imperative for urgent action on climate change to lift the planet's most vulnerable populations, protect development, and spur responsible growth", said the UN's top climate change official, UNFCCC Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres.


Upcoming Events
PAGE Hosts Side Event at High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development, New York


PAGE will host a side event at the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development in New York on July 7, entitled "Delivering on Sustained and Sustainable Growth: PAGE and National Initiatives for Inclusive Green Economy"

The event will showcase recent efforts from a range of countries and practitioners in building inclusive green economies, and examine how new partnerships like PAGE can serve as implementation mechanisms for the emerging Sustainable Development Goals. 


Third International Conference on Financing for Development, Addis Ababa


PAGE will be featured in a UNEP side event at the Third International Conference on Financing for Development in Addis Ababa on 14 July. The side event, entitled "Redesigning Finance for Sustainable Development: Aligning Institutions and Incentives for Investing in the Real Economy" will feature a short progress report of the UNEP Inquiry into the Design of a Sustainable Financial System and a panel discussion led by UNEP Finance Initiative and PAGE.