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Going for Gold at Bevtec Asia

Sidel sponsors exhibition for Asia's fast expanding brewing and beverage manufacturing industries  


Sidel, the leading global provider of PET solutions for liquid packaging, will be exhibiting at Bevtec Asia 2015 in Bangkok.  Sidel, this year's Gold Sponsor of the biennial exhibition and conference, provides equipment and production lines for the PET packaging of many different liquid foodstuffs.  These include: beer, wine and spirits; sensitive products like juices, isotonics and teas; milk and liquid dairy products; carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks (both traditional and sensitive); water, edible oils and other foodstuffs.

PET is the preferred material for the packaging of many of today's leading beverages.  Like glass, it is strong, hygienic and chemically safe.  Stable and inert, PET is resistant to attack by micro-organisms, does not react with foods and will not biologically degrade.  However, unlike glass and other packaging materials, it is extremely lightweight, simple to transport and will not break. Consumers like its convenience, re-sealability and recyclability.  Producers will appreciate the cost-saving and environmental benefits it delivers.


The anticipated high demand for ready-to-drink beverages caused by growing urbanisation, increasing populations and environmental factors, will have a major impact on the region's liquid packaging market.  Sidel understands that customers need the productivity and flexibility to meet changing consumer demand, to differentiate their brand and to manage multiple products on the same line.  The company knows they also require the reliability to provide a consistently safe high-quality output, to use limited resources more efficiently, to comply with legal regulations and to compete effectively in an increasingly competitive market.


With a complete portfolio of beverage packaging solutions to fulfill all these requirements, Sidel has the market and design expertise to support customers in creating attractive and effective PET packaging.   Packaging that minimises the cost of production - and the use of resources - yet maximises the integrity and shelf life of the beverages it contains. 


Come a see Sidel's latest industry solutions at booth #E1 at Bevtec Asia 2015 from 6-8 May, BITEC, Bangkok.


Beer Innovations


The beer and spirits industry is continuously reshaping itself due to society, consumer and industry dynamics. This situation pushes players to launch an important number of innovations each year.


The key trends differ from beer and spirits but the key drivers of change are the same, namely society, consumer, industry and innovations, each with different regional highlights. Strong trends for all drink types has been the iconization of brands through design, marketing and 'look & feel'. National Pride positioning has played an important role for beer more recently as has craft authenticity, gourmet appeal and refreshment value, this differs from the spirits sector that has strongly marketed the sophistication, premiumization, flavouring, and connoisseur appeal of their brands.


How and where these drinks and brands are marketed has been equally dynamic in its adaptation with digital media, legislative restrictions and consumer shifts all playing a vital role in driving innovation.


Read the full feature in the Bevtec Asia special online publication at  

A Bt.20 billion bottled drinks market 


The bottled drinks industry in Thailand, to include bottled flavoured drinks, water and minerals waters, have reached a market value of 19.882 billion Baht, according to the National Food Institute under the Ministry of Industry.


The industry is divided into 3 categories with bottled water and mineral water valued at Bt. 14,178 million, functional beverages (excluding functional essence or shot) has a market capitalization of Bt. 5,602 million and the flavoured carbonated drinks' market value stands at Bt. 102.4 million, representing a combined market value of more than 15% of the non-alcoholic drink sector with the growth rate to the current market levels. The functional beverage is the key driver of the growth at 33.25% for the period since 2010.  


"The highly competitive market is the bottled functional drink that is experiencing rapid market growth within the challenge of the new players jumping into the crowded market"


Red the full story online in the special feature 'Drinking' magazine at


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The 3 day biennial event will be held at BITEC from 6-8 May, register online for fast track entry to the exhibition and your chance to win 2 free full-pass tickets for the industry conference alongside, valued at US$300.


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