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Beverage packaging in Asia goes green

SIPA forecast urbanisation, population growth, environmental factors and a high demand for ready-to-drink product will heavily influence manufacturing trends in Asia over the next decade.  


According to SIPA, the beverage packaging market will be driven by evolving consumer and demographic trends as well as fast economic growth in the developing markets across the globe, particularly in Asia and South America. "Some market analysis indicates that the global beverage packaging market will reach a value of $105.24bn in 2014".


"One of the key trends will be the growing global population meaning that the demand for beverages and therefore the demand for beverage packaging will be higher in the next 10 years. The location of this population will also have a major impact on the beverage packaging market in the future. Urbanisation globally is ever increasing and in particular it is accelerating in emerging economies such as India and China. This means that more convenience products will be demanded as these consumers are more time constrained thus the demand for packaged goods will increase. Further to this, with the development and growth of these emerging economies there will be more middle class consumers with higher disposable incomes. Therefore, demand for premium beverages will also increase and thus once again the demand for beverage packaging will increase.


An issue that will have a major impact on the beverage packaging market is that regarding environmental issues associated with packaging. These are issues such as recyclability and sustainability. This has become a more important point to consider for manufacturers because consumers are more aware of their products and the impact they have on the environment. They are seeking out products that are more environmentally friendly and are looking for more information on packaging regarding this. A similar trend is also seen with food safety and this applies to beverages too. Consumers want packaging that they can trust to be hygienic and safe. A further development of consumers affecting the beverage packaging market is that of the increasingly health conscious consumer which is affecting the beverage packaging market. This has meant that consumers are looking at packaging ever more for the nutritional information of the beverage - and beverage packaging market dynamics have changed and will continue to do so to cater for this trend.


Market analysis performed by some research companies,  believes the beverage packaging market will perform well in the next 10 years and that the majority of growth will be fuelled by the emerging markets, increase in urbanisation, the increase in the 'on-the-go consumer' resulting from this, and the rising incomes of people in many developing economies".


SIPA, exhibiting at Bevtec Asia 2015 will be displaying their latest technologies for beverage manufacturing solutions in Asia, visit them on booth B1 from 6-8 May at BITEC, Bangkok. 


TBA extend their support to Bevtec Asia


The Thai Beverage Industry Association (TBA) has thrown their weight behind Bevtec Asia 2015 with their support for the event and prominent role in the supporting industry conference.


The Association is the lead organisation for the non-alcoholic ready-to-drink beverage sector in Thailand and is currently headed by the President of ThaiNamthip Co. Ltd., and President of Coca-Cola (Thailand) Ltd., Mr. Pornwut Sarasin. Other members of the Association include Nestlé, Pepsi-Cola, Sermsuk, Haadthip, Greenspot, Osotsapa, Tipco, Red Bull, TC Pharmaceutical, Carabao, Dutch Mill and DKSH.


The TBA President's keynote in the conference programme will be followed by other drink manufacturer members, government departments, breweries, exhibitors and independent industry professionals.  


TBA is delighted to be supporting Bevtec Asia which we consider a premier industry forum dedicated to the NARTD beverage industry in Asia.  We believe it provides an exciting opportunity for our members, partners, experts as well as interested parties to network and explore partnership as we look forward to the increasingly more liberalized and interconnected Asian markets" explained Mr. Pornwut Sarasin, Chairman of the Thai Beverage Industry Association and President of Coca-Cola (Thailand) Ltd.


Conference agenda announced, call for papers out 


The Bevtec Asia 2015 conference programme will explore Thai, regional and global beverage manufacturing trends and will be split into two main streams,

Non-Alcoholic and Dairy-based Beverage Industry and The Alcoholic Beverage Industry & Beverage Technology and Competitive Innovation, third streams will cover technical presentations and case studies.


Confirmed papers include presentations from Coca-Cola, ThaiBev, Dutch Mill, the Food and Drug Administration Department (FDA), Ministry of Public Health, Euromonitor, Bühler AG, Bucher, Veolia, Andritz and Maselli Asia-Pacific.


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Bevtec Asia 2015

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