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 Thailand's drink market heats up as economy expands 

 AES meets new government 

 Asian Exhibition Services meet with the NCPO who extend their support to AES and look forward to welcoming the international participants and trade visitors to Thailand next May. 

According the Wall Street Journal market watch the Thai economy has continued to rebound since May 2014 following the new government policies and economic stimulus'. 


Nalin Chutchotitham, an economist at HSBC in Bangkok, reported expansive economic indicators that was especially evident in the positive gains of the personal Consumer Index over the past three months while the Private Investment Index saw a relatively strong month on month gain in May also. 


"The rebound in consumer and business confidence indices also signals better prospects for consumption and investment ahead," reported Ms. Nalin of HSBC. 


Since taking over, the new NCPO government has extended tax cuts, pledged to re-launch infrastructure projects and released some of the $2.7 billion owed to farmers under a controversial rice subsidy programme. NCPO intervention has been cited as a reason behind the first recovery of consumer confidence in 14 months in May as well as improved sentiment among investors. 


The Bank of Thailand says the improved political stability following the military takeover will start being seen in further economic growth in the months to come. 


Mr. Don of the Board of Trade reported that the local economy had improved since April but the economic improvement should be more markedly visible in June onwards. 


Bangkok-based Kasikorn Research Center, or KResearch, a leading local research agency, said in a note released in June that it also expects the economy to pick up steam. 


"Various economic policy implementations and the speeding up of the government budget disbursement will likely boost Thailand's on-year economic growth to 3.3%-4.7% during the latter half of the year," KResearch said. 


Bevtec Asia 2015's strategic timing in May 2015 comes a year after the establishment of the new government, benefitting from the prolonged economic growth, political continuity, increased public and private investment and the creation of the single-market ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). 


ASEAN is the #1 market for beverage production & consumption 

Southeast Asia has the highest growth rate of beer consumption in the world. Thailand is the number one consumer of alcohol in the region and 3rd in Asia, per capita, behind Japan and South Korea. Thailand is the 5th highest consumer of spirits in the world. 


The highest growth rates in Southeast Asia's soft drinks market are in fruit and vegetable juice, RTD tea, and functional bottled water. Thailand is the highest consumer of ice tea in the world, its soft drink market continues to grow at a rate of 6% per year. 

ASEAN has an average investment growth in production technology of 18% 


Bevtec Asia 2014 is Southeast Asia's only dedicated drink manufacturing event and will host the world's leading suppliers of the entire range of manufacturing product for the soft drink, fruit juice, water, dairy, liquid food, wine, sprits and beer production. Bevtec Asia will target the markets of Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea, Southern China, India, Australasia and the Middle East. 


5 Reason why you must be at Bevtec Asia 2015 

  1. Bevtec Asia is Asia's only specialized international event for the entire production process of drink and liquid food manufacturing. 
  2. Bevtec Asia is your opportunity to meet face-to-face Asia's beer, spirit, wine, soft drink, dairy, liquid food and functional drink manufacturers. 
  3. Bevtec Asia is supported by the regional drink conference attracting technical professionals from throughout the region. 
  4. Bevtec Asia is the Southeast Asia's only internationally supported exhibition attracting the world's leading technology, product and ingredient suppliers. 
  5. If you sell product for any stage of the drink manufacturing process then you will meet your specialised Asian target buyers at Bevtec Asia 2015.

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